Plastic axles in Bachmann engines

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by GuyW, Aug 11, 2004.

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    GuyW New Member we've got our Bachman HO set running. Turns out it's probably the bottom of the line starter set (OK, I didn't pay much)....and the philosophy here is to set up a decent layout, using a max of handwork and creativity, and a minimum of buckolas (no need to teach the kids how-to-spend-money, quite the opposite). The engine and cars can be upgraded later when we have an operational layout....

    So, while cleaning the engine, I notice that the axles are plastic, and are cracking longitudinally. Are these axles sold as parts? If not, does anyone know what type of plastic is used (white color)? I can machine new ones on my Unimat if necessary.

    Also, is there a source (other than eBay) for old Bachmann cars for axles, wheels, trucks, etc?


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    Welcome to the Gauge Guy.
    I've repaired a few by fabricating new center sections from nylon pieces I scavenged from an old VCR.
    I've also used Loc-Tite to bond the axles onto the cracked stock center piece on some.
    The real problem comes when the stock gears crack.

    This is a link to a thread discussing the Bachmann 2-8-2 with this problem.
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    Ya, I know what you are dealing with. I have the same problem. I asked for some help on the Bachmann site, the Bach Man told me to send it in for repairs, and someone else said to just find a junked engine on ebay and pull the axles off of that. I find it kind of interesting that they don't sell parts, especially because a set of instructions that I have has an address that is specifically for that. Here's the address, don't know if it will help, but you can give it a try.

    Bachmann Industries, INC.
    1400 E Erie Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA. 19124

    Good Luck!
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    I've purchased parts directly from Bachmann in the past and it wasn't much of a hassle at all. If you have the instruction sheet, it will have the info you need to get replacement parts. However, if having Bachmann repair it is an option you'd like to take advantage of, feel free to do so. At least if something breaks in the process of repairing the axles, they can repair it as well.
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    :wave: :wave: :wave: Hi Guy :wave: :wave: :wave:

    And welcome to the-gauge! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    May I suggest a slight change in course? I know you are trying to be penny wise, but rather than pump any money into a low end loco that may be prone to failure, maybe spend under $50 for one that will compete with the high end in terms of performance and longetivity?

    I don't know what you have and if it can be made reliable, but I do know the tried and proven Life Like Proto 2000 series can be purchased at bargain prices. It's very important to look for the Proto 2000 series, and not the standard Life Like. Currnetly there are a good handfull available, shipped for under $50, some under $40:

    If you scroll down to near the bottom of the page, you will see LL Proto 2000 GP30's, GP7's, S1's and BL2's. These are $80 and $90 loco's and will run smooth as silk. The S1 is a small switcher and the others can be used for general purposes. Any would look at home on a small layout. You can see what they look like on Life Likes website.

    If you choose to keep what you have for a while, we'll do what we can to help you. I understand and respect your philosophy, but just wanted to make sure you were aware of this option.

    As far as the rolling stock that came with your set, IMHO you can keep it and upgrade it to be as good as any. I've still got all the rollin' stock that came with my first AHM set from the early 70's and they look and run fine.
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    Welcome to The Gauge... :wave:

    As for your loco, I would have to agree with Jon. I have a fleet of cars rebuilt from toy train set material but all my locos, while not necessarily top of the line, are rebuilt from quality stock. A poorly made locomotive is probably the #1 reason few people get past the loop of track stage.
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    Hi there and welcome to the gauge. All comments made are right on line but if you engine is new Bachmann will replace it for free. If its out of warranty then you need to send in some money. It tells you on the papers that came with the engine how much. As far as money being tight theres a zillion places in model railroading to cut corners but like Jon and Shaygetz mentioned the engine is one place not to do it. Good luck'

    Ron :thumb: :wave:
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    Others seem to know what engine you are referring to. I don't, is it steam or diesel? I have had very good experiences with Bach's parts and repair. Please contact at if you want more info.

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