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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Bob Collins, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. Bob Collins

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    This horse has probably been beaten to death somewhere else on The Gauge and I haven't spotted it yet, but I'm interested in what others use for your plaster like materials for scenery. I bought a roll of Woodlands Scenic plaster which I haven't opened yet and it put me to thinking that there may be a better source (read cost). I had thought about a hospital supply house or something like that, but haven't a clue if they would sell to an individual even if I found one:D

    I like the idea of the plaster roll as it seems to me that there are times when it would be absolutely the best type of material to work with. I know some of you use molds, and I certasinly haven't ruled that or anything else out, but for now would like to learn more from here what people prefer. I have even been wondering about using plaster over blueboard. Will it adhere?

    Anyway, help me out all you pros.

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    I used Woodland Scenics plaster cloth over blue foam and so far it hasn't given me any troubles. Of course, I haven't been yanking on it to make sure it stays! :)

    I used it in several places, including where I go from one level of the foam to another (from one sheet down to the sheet beneath it, along the edges). I also used it to make the hill on one end of the layout.

    If it weren't for the cost, I'd use it exclusive on The Next Big Thing.

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    Bob - I've taken a thin mixture and used it to make a coating directly on the foam - seems to adhere OK, even on vertical surfaces. (It was Durham's water putty, not plaster, though, if that makes a difference.)
    Bill K
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    My thanks to all of you who responded. I can always count on you to help me out.

    Man, I looked at the thread Shamus identified for me about plaster and shame on those of you who used the red for the word plaster. That hurts my eyes.:D But after you get by that initial shock there is a lot of good info in that thread.

    I have also come into possession of a copy of a Kalmbach book, "How To Build Realistic Model Rairoad Scenery." I have just had a chance to run through it very quickly, but it appears to be crammed full of good ideas. Many of the ideas in the book, written by Dave Frary, have to do with the use of water-soluble techniques which sounds good to me.

    Will let you in on any really good secrets I learn as I read it more closely:)


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