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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by trainsteve2435, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Hello all, just wondering, do most of you use the ready made plaster cloth or do you cover terrain another way? The reason im wondering is the cost of the cloth. My local hobby shop sales it for $8.49 a roll, thats 10' square feet of cloth. I found it on the net for $6.75 a roll. Is there an alternate way to cover large areas? I remember years ago there wasnt such a thing as ready plaster other than if you had a friend in the medical field that had access to it where they used it on casts. Just wondering. Thanks!
  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    I bought some once, but I've moved on to the rubbery scenery materials.
    A doctor in our club said that it had a problem in being plaster of paris and set up too quickly (just what you want wrapping broken bones, though.)
  3. shaygetz

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    Same roll, $3.99 Hobby Lobby. I feel sorry for modelers who don't have one of these in their area. Model train prices aren't all that impressive but they are a wealth of scenic possibilities with paints, tools, dried plants and $3.99 Boley trucks.

    BTW, use the cloth for close to trackwork or close to finished scenery work, use paper towels for wide open places where there is little threat to existing work, economically better.
  4. Gil Finn

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    I use strips of paper towles dipped in thin plaster. Messy and old fashioned but tried and true and CHEAP.
  5. Collyn

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    I use the industrial type brown paper towels or something equivelent then dip it into a thin plaster mix. Later I add a thicker coat of plaster or sculptamold to look like a rock face
  6. kf4jqd

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    I use plaster cloth too. I get mine from the Hobby Lobby. Those 40% coupons they have sure come in handy!:thumb:

  7. jasbourre

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  8. Relic

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    I use cheesecloth and whatever plaster I can get cheap, everything from durabond to polyfilla. I mix up some really thin plaster and paint the area to be covered then lay the cheesecloth on the wet area then paint on a thicker coating of plaster. It's really quite strong and paint's/stains well. those are my pennies
  9. fsm1000

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    IF it wasn't in the living room, IF I was single, and IF we didn't have carpet etc etc etc. I never would have even tried the plaster cloth. I like it but it is expensive yes.

    I just dipped paper towels into a slitghly soupy mixture of plaster and apply it to the layout. Put down a drop cloth and things should be fine.
  10. Ralph

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    I dip paper towels in slightly diluted Elmer's glue. I then pull the towel up against the side of the pan the glue is in to slide off the excess and then place it over cardboard stip scenary profiles. This is quick and easy. Two layers of towels create a strong and flexible surface that won't crack if I push on it. The down side is it might take two to three days to completely dry. One gallon bottle of Elmers has scenicked by 12 X 20 ft layout.

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