Plants vs. Zombies

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    Once upon a time there was a garden which was threatened by zombies. The only way to save it was to plant life-spending sunflowers, pea-shooting plants, poisonous walnuts and fungous booby traps...

    This is the premise of the game "Plants vs. Zombies". I have played it myself - and despite its ridiculous concept it is a lot of fun.

    When I was looking for a new Halloween paper model as a give-away for my colleagues I discovered this little site:

    There you will find paper models of many of the little characters from the game. They are suitable for beginners and look absolutely - cute! Go and grab them and have fun and enjoy! :)

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    This is a superb find, I'm making it a sticky, so it doesn't get lost! :)
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    THANK YOU! :)

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