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    The preliminary identification of the plant that I used to make those trees is that it is one of a group of plants that are commonly called "Ironweed." They are Asters, and are common in various forms all over the world, according to Dr. Justin Williams of Sam Houston State University.

    He took a sample back to the school so he could put it under the microscope to determine the exact species. I'll let everyone know what the results are!

    Here's a list of plants under the search criteria "ironweed" on

    The weed I found in my yard looks most like New York ironweed.


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    Rory, You HAVE been busy! Looking forward to learning more about it when you get answers.
    I was going to ask why you're messing around with botany when you should be spending quality time on your layout!!! .. :) :D ;)
    But I didn't ask in case you took it the wrong way .. :D

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    Well, my botanical interests are mostly layout-related. As well as my interest in architecture, city planning, watersheds, geology, geography, history, transportation, railroads, and the various aspects of ground-up foam.

    One note about that ironweed stuff... When it is wet, even after the plant has died and dried out, the seed pods close up. It looks very different wet than dry! When Justin came by the house today, we went out to the "ironweed field" and all of the little pods were closed. He took some samples, and I gave him a sample that I cut the other day (dry). He was particularly interested in a "rattlebox" plant. He took seeds from it. Such are the ways of botanists, I suppose! :)


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