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    How you guys get ideas to scratch build a building from scratch? Where do you get plans from?
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    I get mine from book or my own ideal or from looking at real one .what plan you looking some of my own drawing

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  3. Rhaven Blaack

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    You can go to your hall of records and ask if you can get copies of the plans for a certain building. If you let them know what you want them for, more often then not, they will give you a copy of the general plans.

    You can also go to the library of congress and they might have copies as well.

    If all else fails, just take photos of the building that you want to build and use those.

    Either way you go, I wish you the best of luck with your project and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
  4. bob mart

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    This is a nice site. I am looking for plans to build a single band saw sawmill. need pics or plans of machinery lay out from jack slip to finish lumber. I have 2010 AutoCad, but need something to start off with. I am scratch building modeling early 1900's logging operation.
  5. Bill Nelson

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    When I started to build my sawmill (20 years later I'm not done) I did not start with the machinery, a mistake. Keystone makes some nice sawmill machinery, I have bought up a bunch , but have not built it or installed it yet, nor have I put the roofing on the roof.

    another company that has a laser cut sawmill available, sells the machinery , I can't think of the name, If I can run that down I'll post it here,

    I looked at a lot of pictures of sawmaills from my dad's logging books , and sketched out a building that incorporated elements from my favorate photos. I then drew that out on foam core, and made a mock up of the building, modifying it a little to fit my RR. when the basic shape of the buiding was OK I located the window openings, and cut them out. then I painted the whole foam core structure with black sparay paint, and planked it over with balsa wood planks inside and out that I painted and stained. everybody thinks this is a board by board build, but it is not

    here is a link to the first page of documentation on my RR (wasrning, there are more than fifty more pages to follow)

    My sawmill looks real good to the untrained eye, and even though I knew a whole lot about sawmills, I managed to split the diference between a two band saw mill and a one band saw mill .

    Nearly all sawmills are different, but the shape of the building is determined by the machinery, so you could either aquire some Ho sawmill machinery, and build the mill to fit it, or get a good understanding of the machinery involved, draw it out and build the building to fit the machinery. a good scource of info on this is the book Lumber, by Bryant, origianls are exceedingly rare (I have my dads), byt the NMRA has reprints available.

    hope this helps, I'll post the name of the co with the machinery if I can find it.


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