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  1. ross31r

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    Right - help needed!

    I have got the boards up and built for the traction line but i can find any suitable plans to build a layout with.

    All my books seem to just have photos of the stock - nothing on the layouts of stations etc.

    Ideally id like a point to point line with a major terminal at one end (North Shore line style) and two smaller terminii at the other end. I have one book of traction trackplans but its not got shelf point to points of the size i want - i have a 3 x 11 x 6 C shape of boards to use so i can build a failry large layout.

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Can you take parts of the plans you do like, and rearrange them?

    If you assume that your major terminal is on the 6' leg (in HO, you will need this space), I think you will be hard pressed to fit two smaller terminals at the other end. However, a small yard might be doable in 3-4' on the other leg. In between, you should have plenty of room for scenery, industries or whatever.

    Is this a passenger oriented layout (i.e. what I think of when I hear "traction") or is it freight and so on running behind electrics?

  3. interurban

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    Hi ross, those plans I sent you , they do not help?

    I have a huge resource , books, mates ect. want to pop in for a look :D :D :D :D

    Seriosly I feel your frustration!

    First of all the books give you insight to how the interurban car barns looked like also freight drop off points. The passenger car often pulled one or two freight cars as well .
    In the towns there would be sidings for electric box cars to load, and street tracks as well as right of way country runs ect.
    So if you understand the senery that was around, you can put in your main line and add on from there .
    Since you can turn most interurbans around in a 11" radius (22") you can rebound from one end and go another route back..
    Hope that helps.
    Want any pics posted?? :cool:
    I have started my new L/O , so I too will be developing a new track plan.
  4. interurban

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  5. ross31r

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    no, havent got that book, going to go and order it!

    Iva actually been given the book those plans came from! didnt find them very helpful because they were all designed for 4x8 or different type of shelf spaces to what i have. didnt really like anything in it!

    As for traffic - its mostly passenger but i want to have a small amount of freight traffic to haul otherwise 201 and 202 are going to be more or less useless!

    Going for a 9" ruling radius mysels so i can easily bounce the track back about. will slacken the radii if i have a bank to go up.
  6. ross31r

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    also got a few dvd/books myself - both the PE books and anothercouple of interurbans plus two PE dvds and one on the South Shore which have given me a few ideas for scenery but not really anything plan wise

    Apart from the major terminal which is already underway - should look something like the PE`s LA terminal but with a freight depot below rather than pure passenger!
  7. jetrock

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    "Traction Planbook" does not contain any track plans--the "plans" are plans for traction equipment: trolley cars, trailers, freight motors, MOW equipment, etcetera.

    Will this line be passenger only, or passenger/freight?
  8. ross31r

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    mixed traffic but much more heavily passenger than freight
  9. jetrock

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    Kalmbach's "Traction Guidebook" has some nice if a bit archaic plans, many of which could be adapted for such a space...

    not sure if I understand your space. 3x11x6 in a C shape? I assume that this means 11 feet along the back, with a 3-foot leg on one side and a 6-foot leg on the other--how deep will the table be?

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