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  1. missymouse

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    hi, i wasn't sure where to post this question but i'm working on the halinski yamato and was wondering if the japanese type 0 pete observation plane had folding wings kinda similar to the swordfish bi-plane and if so any one know where i can find pix of the wings folded? the ship comes with 2 larger dual float planesd and 3 type 0's and kinda want to put a type zero in the inside of the hanger with the wings folded and 2 on the catapults and a dual float plane on the upper track awaiting loading on the catapult.
  2. nebeltex

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    the wings for the "pete did not fold up (or back). the wings for the zeros fold at the tips...good luck.
  3. shoki2000

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    I have to disagree...
    Pete'e wings were folding alongside the fuselage (no rotation).
    Wing floats could also fold flat against the wing.
    I will scan and attach the drawing in the afternoon - gotta go to work.....
  4. nebeltex

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    i stand! M, is the type "0" the M2-N "rufe' by nakajima? the other plane sounds like an E13 "jake" by aichi. if the vertical stabilizer is triangular like the "pete", it might be an E16 "paul".
  5. shoki2000

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    I believe that the plane in question is a Mitsubishi F1M Pete and the second mentioned plane is an Aichi E13A Jake.
  6. nebeltex

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    that makes sense. the pete for shot spotting and the E13 for recon? i guess the zero type ones could be escort for these, though the float versions were generally outclassed as a fighter. i like the hermaphrodite conversions japan had near the end of the war. interesting ships. i think their naval architecture was very sharp looking.
  7. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    Mitsubishi F1M Pete

    Here it is...

    Image scanned from Green Arrow - Ilustrated Warplane History No.5 "Imperial Japanese Navy Warplane". Author Shigeru Nohara

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