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  1. Hey everyone:wave:
    I live in fairly rural area near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I was wondering if anyone else lived in the area of PIttsburgh and if they model anything from Pittsburgh. So I figured I would start a thread with pictures of our Pittsburgh based models and/or layouts. I'm still new to scratdh building so I haven't build any Pittsburgh based models yet, sorry.

    I hope there are some Pittsburghers out there:D
  2. Ray Marinaccio

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    I used to live near Pittsburgh just outside of Beaver Falls. I like modeling the Pennsy, PC, CR and the P&LE.
  3. I did findan old picture in my stuff of the 1936 flood in tarentum, A town just up the allegheny from pittsburgh. The flood hit the city very hard as well, I believe. Plus it includes some railroad structures too.:thumb:

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  4. csxengineer

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    Pittsburgher here


    I live in Monroeville, and model only pittsburgh in N scale. I've done layouts of B&LE, Unity railways, Turtle creek railroad, and this is my 2nd Union railroad layout from Duquense to North Bessemer. About 60% done. I am an engineer for CSX, but since I hate them, I don't model them, ha.

    I'm a historian of sorts for the area, have tons of pics and maps, and can help ya out if you need.

    Here's a pic of my layout recently...

    a 5 unit URR train pulls misc north past a coal train on the Turtle Creek viaduct under the Westinghouse bridge.

    I just started to paint this bus, lots of details left to do.

    I have to scratchbuild most everything on the layout. The viaduct, and former offices in the back (almost finished), are from plain styrene.

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  5. csxengineer

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    prototype shot

    I model areas around me

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  6. johnny b

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    That looks great ! I also live in the Pittsburgh area (Shaler/ North Hills ) . I have works over there in Turtle creek. The North Hills like Turtle Creek is by no means "rural". I have been modeling The general Pittsburgh , North Hills area in my layout as well , no place specific though. Rolling hills , small towns with lots of older tightly packed buildings and planned suburban neighborhoods nearby. Very challenging modeling to say the least.

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  7. PennGreensburg

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    I'm from Greensburg PA. I model a fictictous branch line near Greensburg in early conrail 1977-1983. All N scale. Will probably be moving closer to town before the holidays.
  8. I guess the area I live in isn't actually "rural", at least not anymore, but I wouldn't call it a busy suburb.

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