Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by digdug72, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. digdug72

    digdug72 Member

    does anyone have an idea to remove the sleeve without vise-grips?
  2. car_nut

    car_nut New Member

    use the big end of a wire-tie and stick it in a port and pull it out
  3. ericmcgehee

    ericmcgehee Member

    or you can pull the back plate off, and push it up with your finger. or hey stick a screwdriver in there like you were prying on it and pull it out.. oh did you mean with out damage.
  4. digdug72

    digdug72 Member

    thanks guys for the info!
  5. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Put the engine in the oven at 350deg. Make sure you take off any part that is plastic or rubber. Take it out of the oven in about 15min and the sleeve should come out without too much of a fuss.
  6. tnx

    tnx Member

    dont forget gloves :D
  7. ericmcgehee

    ericmcgehee Member

    actually, mine always came out pretty easy. if you take the head off, and turn the crank, mine always pushed the piston up enough to grab it by hand and pull out. but i guess that wont work if it is wore out.
  8. digdug72

    digdug72 Member

    another question guys, just to be sure, an engine rebuild is just piston and sleeve correct?
  9. yes and bearings sometimes and if you take the back plate off and push it up with the end of a tooth brush .. and the piston should slide out
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