Pirates from Gemini Sector

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  1. Gomidefilho

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    I present my latest model

    The F-38 Talon fighter of Wing Commander Privateer Classic PC Game.

    The Talon is a ancient light fighter take much used by pirates and other criminals on the border between the Terran Confederation and the Kilrath Empire...

    My model in scale 1 / 200 has three different liverys representing these criminal groups: Church of Man, Pirates and Milicia of the Try-System

    The 3D and textures were designed by Eder Vieto for the add on for Wing Commander Prophecy called Standoff
    The author kindly gave to me into a papermodel ...

    This model will soon be available for download on my site papercommander. :mrgreen::mrgreen:











  2. THE DC

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    Nsign1ice model and thanks for offering it to us!

    The DC
  3. gwssms

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  4. cgutzmer

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    Nicely done! I like the cube too :)
  5. bf109

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    they look great !:thumb:
  6. sr5nm

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    Build 'em bigger with steel noses and we can all play lawn darts.
  7. Gomidefilho

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    Thank you my friends!!!!

    Chris Ecardmodels is my favorite cardmodelling shop ;)

    The Talon and another Wing Commander models is avaliable for download soon... :)
  8. Sigma0283

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    any chance of making the Taurus, Galaxy, Orion, or the Centurion?
  9. Heaven

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    turned out really nicely!

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