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    The Flying Farmer /fool /drunk act used to be a familiar sight at airshows during the late sixities and early seventies, when I served with the Blue Angels. The Cub was always the plane of choice for these acts, because it's low airspeed and manueverability made it the obvious choice. One fellow, I remember, whose act involved a supposed non-airworthy airplane, even jettisoned an aileron during the act, and the plane still flew perfectly well. I remember him showing us how the aileron (actually a cardboard replica) was rigged to depart the craft. The entire demo was flown with only one working control surface. I'm not sure how many of these acts are still around....it used to add a bit of humor to the otherwise perfectionist aerobatics, and military demonstrations. I can count on two hands, with fingers left over, the number of airshows I've attended since leaving the Blues. Airshow burnout? Saw too many crashes? Dunno.

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