Pioneering Astrophysicist James Van Allen Dies

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  2. I posted a similar report in the Google Groups Papermodels forum:

    Physicist James A. Van Allen died on Wednesday, August 9, 2006 at the age of 91. While involved in space exploration for over half a century, he is best known for designing the instruments placed inside Explorer 1, the first successful US satellite launched in 1958. These instruments detected the bands of intense radiation surrounding the Earth, which were named in Van Allen's honor.

    A model of Explorer I can be found at

    On Thuirsday night I attended the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (founded in 1938, the oldest active science fiction club), where James A. Van Allen's passing was marked by a minute of silence. At the head table was my paper model of Explorer I, encircled with a somber black ribbon. It seemed appropriate.

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