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  1. papertrain

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    Reading the blog about the sugar cane railroad reminded me of a pineapple car that I built out of styrene a few years ago. It was based on cars in Hawaii in the 20's and 30's with link and pin couplers and 18" gauge. The only non scratch built items are the wheel sets. They are narrowed S gauge


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  2. chooch.42

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    PT - Nice build ! It doesn't have to be 150 feet long with 5000 horsepower to impress me ! The structure, texture and paint all look spot on. You said 18" gauge, but what scale is it ? Thanks for the work, and letting us see. Bob C.
  3. papertrain

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    It is G scale
  4. ytter_man

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    It looks very nice, but your brakeman will have a heckuva time with that wheel on a bent shaft ;)
  5. Mountain Man

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