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  1. Don Gilham

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    OK Guys, time to show my pig ignorance.

    It's all to do with "eras" and freight cars. Is there a reference book that shows the different schemes used on boxcars (etc) to specific time scales ?

    F'r instance, the PRR logo changed a lot - when, and what logo is applicable to the mid 50's. Other roads and freight companies as well had many different liveries, so is there a reference book that details the eras when different schemnes were used ?

    Must admit my main interest is mid fifties.

    See, told ya - pig ignorant, me ! sign1

    Any help greatly apprciated :)
  2. doctorwayne

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    If there is, I'll buy a copy of it. This is an area that needs improvement from the manufacturers of locos and rolling stock, and of decals and dry transfers. Most makers of resin craftsman-type kits include information about the era(s) of the cars they sell, and many make different kits for the same car, covering its entire service life. C-D-S dry transfer lettering usually includes a notation on their lettering diagram (included with each set) which indicates the applicable time frame for a particular lettering scheme. Some manufacturers (can't think of which ones, though :oops: ) have started to put a suitable notation on their kit boxes. Companies like Red Caboose and Intermountain usually include a brief prototype history with the kit instructions, although it doesn't necessarily extend to the lettering. :rolleyes: A good example of this is the Red Caboose kit for the PRR X-29 boxcar - there's a brief history on the origins of the car, and of other users, but no mention of the various lettering schemes applied to these long-lived cars. (By the way, I'm no Pennsy expert, but I believe that the "circle/keystone herald was used from the mid-/late-twenties up until about 1956, when it was superceded by the "shadow keystone".) Hopefully, a knowledgeable Pennsy modeller will either verify or amend that info.
    I know for a fact that I'm running some lettering schemes on my mid-to-late-30s layout that didn't appear 'til the '40s or even later, but, doggone it, it's my railroad.;) :D :D
    You can generally get this type of info from the historical society for the railroad in question, but many require a membership for access. This is great if your interest is in one line, but finding info for those interchange cars needed to fill out almost any train can be an expensive proposition.

  3. Don Gilham

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    Well said Doc :) I think I'm going to have to say that a few times as well - especially as I'm going to opt for a freelance railroad.

    Shame about the informmation not being readily to hand though - over here there is a plethora of books on different eras/liveries. But then again, we didn't have as many railroad companies as you guys !
  4. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    Wow you all ask for the impossible don’t you. There have been many lettering and logo schemes that have appeared on the side of the greatest railroad in history. The great thing though is that many of these schemes could well be seen many, many years after the period they were painted.

    Lets take a look at the PRR’s revenue service line up.

    1876-1888 Often referred to as the NO KEYSTONE PHASE 1. A simple P.R.R initials & numbers on the upper left side.

    1898-1906 NO KEYSTONE PHASE 2 P.R.R. & numbers lowered and moved to center of the left side. We see the addition of the word PENNSYLVANIA added to the upper center on the right side with a horizontal bar

    1906-1926 NO KEYSTONE PHASE 3 Only the word PENNSYLVANIA and horizontal bar number is now moved to the right side also.

    1926-1930 NO KEYSTONE PHASE 4 the only change is that the horizontal bar is now above PENNSYLVANIA and a horizontal bar has been added below the numbers.

    1930 –1954 CIRCLE KEYSTONE A circle keystone is opposite of the number and the NO KEYSTONE PHASE 4 remains on the car. @ Note: there were several revisions during this time but the theme remained the same.

    1954-1957 SHADOW KEYSTONE PHASE 1A The shadow keystone replaces the circle keystone. The horizontal bars are removed.

    1954-1957 SHADOW KEYSTONE PHASE 1B The script numbers are replaced with ROMAN SERIF NUMBERS

    1957-1960 SHADOW KEYSTONE PHASE 2A PRR reporting marks added between PENNSYLVAINIA and numbers.

    1960-1960 SHADOW KEYSTONE PHASE 2B The PRR reporting marks are now in Gothic style numbers.

    1961-1968 PLAIN KEYSTONE The name PENNSYLVANIA is removed, The shadow is removed from behind the Keystone.

    [FONT=&quot]I hope this helps for your questions of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Just keep in mind there are other versions out there for the Railway Express Agency, Merchandise Service etc. Don’t even let me start of the passenger trains or the colors used for every steamer, diesel and railcars.

  5. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    Ren that's absolutely brilliant, thanks a million :)
  6. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    Here are some that you may have seen on the diesels.

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