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    This doesn't have anything to do with RRs, but this is the only place I know to get information. My daughter is wanting a new camera that can almost continuously snap pictures without a wait in between. Like snap, snap, snap. Does anyone here have any recommendations? So many of you take such beautiful pictures.

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    Yoy want to look at FPS which stands for Frames per second. I know that Nikon has this feature, and most of the other camera makers also. I chose Nikon becaues of the lenses, but it might be too pricey or too heavy for your daughter. The Nikon D40 is 2.5 FPS, while their better ones are 3.0 FPS. I had a D80 which got stolen, and am looking at a D60 ($800) or D40 ($500) as a replacement. You can add $100 for a second lens (55-200) if you are shooting long distance.

    I also have a little camcorder (made by Sanyo think) which is slightly bigger than a pack of cigarettes. It records video which can be played back (and downloded) in HDTV or regular NTSC. It is also a 6 or 8 megapixel camera.
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    Thanks George. That 2.5 and 3 FPS, is that movie type, or can you single snap up to that amount. She also wants it to fit in a shirt pocket, and possibly a 3X+ optical.

    I think if I pushed her for more goodies, she probably would want it to self-snap and end up with exactly the picture she had in mind.:eek::eek::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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    Movies are typically about 30 frames per second. 3 FPS is useful for catching the action (for example) when someone makes a diving catch at a softball game.

    Many digital cameras have a movie mode (typically shot at a much lower resolution than still pictures), and some have a "multiple" mode of some sort. It is usually indicated by an icon that looks like a stack of pictures. My Canon G5 shoots 3 FPS at a "standard" (i.e. lowest available) resolution. Other modes generate much higher resolution pictures.

    Hope that helps.

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    charlie from the kiski junction railroad who is on here just bought one i think about a year ago. its one of the newer FUJI cameras and its a fantastic camera. takes great shots. nice features to and he takes a lot of pictures. maybe you could get his advice to.
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    She is not interested in a movie type mode. It is more just being able snap one a second, or thereabouts, and not having to wait 2-5 seconds between pics. Would I look for FPS, or would that be for movies?

    Thanks for the answers
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    hi lynn. im not sure about the fps. im not concerned with taking movies either and like the ability of taking pictures fast if i need to. i believe that fuji model like charlie has, you can take pictures very fast. ive seen him take pictures and his camera was taking them very fast. like i said when i like canon and used them at work, but for the price,features and durability the fuji seems the way to go. least i think so, however i am by no means an expert. i just know what worked best in the past for me.
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    Fps in the range of 2-3 is rapid fire still pictures. Movies need to be 30 fps or so. In the case of digital cameras, video will have an icon that looks like an old style movie camera with 2 reels on top. I think you should find people working in the camera dept at Best Buy, Circuit City, or whatever store near you that has a decent stock of digital cameras who could show you what models have the best fps rate for what your daughter wants to do. I think the Nikon and other cameras mentioned with interchangeable lenses will be slr type that are digital, but will not fit in a pocket.
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    I thank everyone for your info. Now knowing about the FPS showed me what to look for. The local Office Depot handles Pentax, and I think the Pentax A40 sounds real good. She's fixin' to go look when she gets time. She is a Patriot Guard Rider, and has a couple rides to take care of.

    Thanks again

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