pictures: Szeged(Hungary) - Subotica(Serbia)

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    A few pictures from the line Szeged-Subotica taken a few weeks ago.

    First, third and fourth picture belong together and are the most interesting ones. This is a railbus (Schienenbus) of a type built in Germany in the 1950s and while most of them are on scrapheaps and few are in service as museumtrains, this one is still doing regular service between Hungary and Serbia (The train is run by Serbian state railways - note both the cyrillic and latin alphabets used).

    The second picture shows something Hungarian (didn't identify...maybe someone can find out?) and the fifth picture shows Subotica station and the locomotive pulling the night train to Belgrade.

    The line is an adventure in itself. The track is in an abominal condition which forces the railbus to a speed of no more than 20kph at some places. (Anything more and derailment would be imminent) Also about halfway the train stops for a while at the border crossings (once at the Hungarian, once at the Serbian).

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  2. 60103

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    Interesting cars.
    What is the name of the Serbian Railways?
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  4. Ralph

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    Thanks for sharing those pics with us!
  5. 60103

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    Thank you.


    Do you have a hi res copy of the pic 5 Subotica station I could use in a book I am writing on European railways and frontiers
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    The second picture, particularly, is so picturesque, it almost looks fake! Nice Photography!!
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    It's a common image in the Eastern Europe, here is another example: 2 pictures that I've taken with the former romanian royal train.

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    I am all for people and societies modernizing, I sure hope you guys don't lose that character displayed in those pictures. I live in Connecticut, and it is a constant battle to stop people from destroying the character that our state is known for.

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