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    Here are a few pictures from my Dad's train room. He initially built a 9x6 layout with 7% grades inspired by the DSP&P plan from Linn Wescott's 101 trackplans. There is a fabricated table underneath with plywood roadbed supported by 2x4s. The scenary is predominately newspapers dipped in hydrocal. We never got around to finishing the scenary. When I was in high school, we removed the old yards and replaced it with a 5.5x12 yards, built a coal mine on a new 3' extension of the old layout, and added a double track race track for our fleet of mainline power. The result was a branchline for our 4-4-0s and 2-6-6-2ts, as well as a mainline for our 4-8-4s, 2-8-4, 2-8-2s, hudsons, and pacifics.

    Here are a few pics of the layout as of last year...

    The engine facility is bustling with a Spectrum J and 2-8-0, a Bachmann plus GS-4, a Proto 0-8-0, an IHC 4-6-2 and 2-6-0, a Mantua 2-6-6-2t, an MDC shay and 0-6-0t, and the only desiel allowed in the room, an old athearn NKP PA-1. All but the Proto 0-8-0 are original from my childhood (although the spectrum engines are replacements of old Bachmann engines). I now realize how odd it was for me to have built an MDC shay as a 5th grader.

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    Here's an additional interesting picture. This is an old Mantua berk my dad got in a box of old HO stuff over a year ago. There was a middle aged couple unloading the wife's father's collection. He was a retired C&O engineer and my dad wanted a beautiful railroad map he had...they required that he had to also purchase 3 boxes of old HO junk...for a total of $100. As it turns out, the stuff wasn't junk. I picked through it and found a super detailed MDC AT&SF 4-4-2, this upgraded-detailed mantua 2-8-4, an SP 4-8-2 that appears to have been kitbashed from an old Varney 4-6-2, complete with a Varney lead truck dated 1936...and it was a very professional conversion! Also included were a ton of desiels and several more steam engines that we unloaded...including a brass 2-6-6-6 tender and a brass ACL 4-8-4. The cars were the most amazing part...three C&O fluted side coaches made from real metal...beautiful! And four Silver Streak kits to go with my dad's pair of cars he built in 1968 while a junior in HS. All in all, some collector on ebay when nuts when my dad listed the first box of "junk" and then purchased the other half from everyone ended the day happy. All of the cars behind the berk came from the boxes, as did the two yellow silver streak reefers next to my dad's old cars under the coal dock.

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    Wow, good stuff. Quite an engine roster too.
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    Great looking layout and also some good finds in the "junk" box.

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