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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by jawatkins, Sep 2, 2003.

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    I'm attaching some pictures of a mini-train display that we (Glen and I) took to the restaurant where I work. The local newspaper came out to take pictures and did an article that came out last Thursday. Also, the publsiher of the newspaper came in later with his granddaughter and had lunch. He thought this was such a great idea that if we decided to bring them back or to set up someplace else in the circulation area of his paper to let him know in advance and they would promote it for us.

    Just some background - there are two 2' x 4' N scale portable units. One of the units was an autumn scene that we had put together and had displayed at the restaurant last Thanksgiving through New Years. It consists of two simple ovals and a small town or village. This unit was not made to allow people to operate, just to observe. (See my thread on this forum under "pictures of my scenery work"). The other n scale was set up with hand-held controllers to allow people to actually operate the trains. We also had two smaller z scale units that kids (or adults) could operate. One unit was sceniced and the other was under construction.

    I also set up a scenery clinic. I put together a mock mountain for people to plant trees and grass. The kids made trees that they planted or took home. All in all, we had a great time.

    Hope you enjoy the pictures- they'll be on the next post

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    This is one of the units that has the portable hand controllers.

    This little guy and his parents come in at least 2 to 3 times a week. He's almost five and he knows his trains.

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    This one shows some children operating the 2 z scale units

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    Here's one showing the kids "planting" trees and "growing" grass - the legal kind! In the bottom left hand corner is a mock up I made showing the different steps of starting to make a mountain and ending with the finished product.

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    Here's another little boy operating the z scale and a Mom intensely concentrating on re-railing a z scale car.

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    Long shot of the different displays

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    This little guy is learning how turn-outs work. He kept his parents there for almost three and a half hours playing with these layouts. His parents said he woke them up at 6:30 that morning asking "Do you know what day this is?!?!?" He had been waiting for several days for this event.

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    Here's another shot of the n scale layout with the hand held controller units.

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    This is the last one - looks like dad is deciding what Santa will bring this year -

    BTW, that's me in the background in front of the pictures.

    Thanks for letting us share our pictures. We'll probably do this again this October and hopefully next time will have some free promotion from the local paper.

    Judy and Glen

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  10. Tyson Rayles

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    That's a great thing you and Glen are doing Judy! Thanks for sharing the photos. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  11. ezdays

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    Terrific stuff Judy. I'll bet the parents learned as much as the kids did. I am impressed by those layout and love the way the "hand helds" are integrated into the frame.

  12. jawatkins

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    Thanks guys:)
  13. Ray Marinaccio

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    Beautiful layouts and a fantastic idea of spreading the word that model railroading is THE greatest hobby. Hats of to You and Glen, great job.
  14. Clerk

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    Judy. That is a great thing that you and Glen did for the kids (and adults). It gives the kids a chance to play trains and shows the adults what can be done with model trains.
  15. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    If we're going to attract kids to model railroading, this is what we have to do.
  16. jon-monon

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    Fantastic! Thanks for posting those, Judy!
  17. interurban

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    That`s a joy to see :D
    It must have been great fun. We need more days like that for folks to get to know the hobby.
    Well done :)
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    Thanks for the feedback. One of the things that I stressed in the interview with the paper was this was hobby that was great for kids and parents. Contrary to popular opinion, you could have a working model RR in a limited space (we don't have basements in Texas - at least in the Dallas area) and not take up a whole family room or bedroom. Of course, we know that eventually it does sprawl out and takes on a life form of it's own.

    Also, the long and the short of it is that not all kids are going to be star athletes and cheer leaders. There are kids, both boys and girls who have no interest in sports or have an interest in math, science and engineering. Model RR can teach alot of these concepts, including problem solving. And this sure has to be better than video games.

    Need to get back to work.
  19. eightyeightfan1

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    Cool pictures. love the work you've done on your layouts.
    By the looks of the T-shirts on some of the kids...Looks like you've made some little rail-fans.
    Future Gauge members?
  20. jawatkins

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    You bet - get 'em hooked while they're young!

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