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  1. Greetings, fellow N scalers and enthusiasts of all things 1:160! I am new to the Gauge, but really like what I's a friendly place with some impressive models and advice.

    I'd like to bring something to the table as well, here are some pictures of my layout. It is based on the ATSF across northern Arizona in the transition period, 1947 to 1962. It is featured in the current issue of N Scale Railroading magazine.

    In this picture, an eastbound reefer block is rolling by the (fictitious) location of Kendrick, next to a sawmill.

  2. Another picture of my layout

    Here's another picture, this time an eastbound set of newly re-shopped FTs roll by Riordan, four miles west of Flagstaff Arizona.

  3. jkristia

    jkristia Member

    Nice shot. Please post more.
    What kind of track is that? looks like some code 40, or maybe c55 track. Again, great picture.

  4. Another picture of my layout

    Here's one more, of a helper and another eastbound at the summit of the Arizona Divide at Riordan. The mountains in the background are the San Francisco Mountains, which I painted in acrylics.

  5. jkristia

    jkristia Member

    wow, more great pictures. From the second picture it definitely looks like c40 track.
    Seems like I replied while you were adding pictures, so maybe there will be even more now when I post this one :D

  6. Thanks Jesper, it's actully Peco code 55, airbrushed with oily black to make it look a bit more to scale. I will put more pictures up soon, thanks for your comments!
  7. Another picture of my layout

    Here's a picture of a logging truck waiting to turn off of Route 66 to the mill with another load of Ponderosa pine.

  8. Here a logging truck is ready to return to the forest for another load, while a loaded rig is waiting to move into position by the crane.

  9. interurban

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    Very nice

    Hi Warbonnet-Fan.

    Wonderful pictures and a big hello and welcome to the Gauge;)
    Is this all your own work??
    How big is this great layout, I would like to know how much you have achieved in the space avalible to you.
    Thanks in advance, it will help up and coming N scale modelers.:D
  10. Another picture of my layout

    Here's a 2-8-2 ready for local duty at the Kachina service facility. The Kato Mike was weathered with airbrush, acrylic washes and drybrushing.

  11. One more picture!

    Here's one more, this is one of Atlas' new FM switchers working the feed mill at Riordan. This is IMHO one of the best N scale locomotives built to date!

  12. Re: Very nice

    Thanks, Chris, this is a great forum! These photos are of my own work, I have a layout in a 10x10 spare bedroom, the track plan is a double track oval with a center island - it is fairly similar to the BN layout feature done by MR about ten years ago.

    I've been doing stuff in N since I was a teenager, and now I am a middle-aged addict. "Hi, my name is Verne, I started mainlining on N scale when I was a kid..." Best regards,
  13. Tyson Rayles

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    Verne very nice indeed! :cool: I live in a fairly remote area (hobby wise anyway :D ) so I can't get that mag. Glad you posted as you have a very nice layout. Hopefully as time goes on we will see more of your excellent work! :)
  14. jkristia

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    Your close-up pictures are beautiful, and your details are amazing, just shows how much detail you can put into N scale. Is it possible that you can post an overall picture?

  15. sumpter250

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    WOW! That's some really nice looking N scale work! How's that 2-8-8-2 running? I have three of the HO scale versions, and love 'em.
    Don't know how much info came with the loco, so, the AT&SF 1790 was the N&W 2021, she was built in 1919, by ALCO's Schenectady plant, and was aquired by the Santa Fe in October 1943.
    They were primarily used on the 3% Raton pass, and even doubleheaded with the 2900 series 4-8-4s
    It might interest you to know that when the Santa Fe got these locos, they removed the "dog house", brakemans shelter on the tender, before putting them in service. In 1947, they were sold to the Virginian Ry. They were too slow going downgrade and getting out of the way of the next train.
    The source of info is: Norfolk & Western Railway's Magnificent Mallets, the Y Class 2-8-8-2s by William E Warden. 1993 TLC publishing Inc.
  16. Drew1125

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    Thanks for those pics, Verne! What a great looking RR! :cool: :cool: :cool:
    Since I get NSRR mag, you're already kind of a superstar to me! :D
    It's great to have you aboard here at The Gauge!
  17. rich maiorano

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    keep them coming need to steal some ideas for mine great pics rich :D :D
  18. Pete, my 'modified' history has them working over the Arizona Divide from '47 to '49 , and are then sold to the VGN. These incredible models run flawlessly, look terrific, and have been a huge hit for N scalers. Only major drawback is their low weight and corresponding low pulling power. Since I use them as helpers and they run perfectly in synch with Intermountain's FTs, the lack of muscle is no big deal to me!

    Thanks for your comments, I love articulateds and unfortunately the ATSF mechanical department never seemed to figure out how to utilize their own very remains their one huge fiasco in an otherwise stellar history of steam excellence. Go figure!
  19. Gee whiz...

    Gee whiz guys, your comments are really're gonna embarrass me here!!! :eek:

    I've been poking along building this layout for a long time, and finally got off my rear and learned how to use a digital camera. The great thing about this hobby is how you learn how to do one thing, and then find a new horizon to tackle. Now I'm working on putting illumination in the buildings, and my buddy is talking me into installing a working signal system. Yikes, I've never tried anything more sophisticated than wiring 2-block cab control, so here goes!

    Such praise from such worthy insane and flunky-enabled rounders is truly appreciated, I am honored to add my dufusness to the mix!
  20. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    On the other hand, they did, on several ocasions, prove that some things really couldn't be done!

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