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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Papa Bear, Mar 30, 2005.

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    Just for fun, I scanned some pictures of my first layout, a 3X4' N scale layout that I started nearly 20 years ago! :eek: I call it the Rock Hill and Argyle RR. It was a short line that ran from a connection with the L&N at Argyle, Florida to the community of Rock Hill. The track plan was a simple loop with a passing siding and two spurs from the Atlas book A Clear Track to N-Gauge Fun.

    Originally, the layout was on casters and slid under my bed. Later, I was able to put legs on it and make it free standing. It served well for many years and was a test bed for scenery and track laying. Eventually, I moved on to other layouts and sold it to another modeller.

    Photo 1: Borrowed BN power leaves the junction at Argyle for the journey south.

    Photo 2: A Seaboard SD40-2 pulls past the station at Argyle.

    Photo 3: An ex-SCL RS-3 switches the freight station at Rock Hill.

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    It looks (looked) really good!

    Around here somewhere theres negatives of my 2nd layout during most of its construction.
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    Things don't change much over the years when it comes to modeling do they? Glad you found these pics and were able to share them with us.:thumb:
  4. Matthyro

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    Neat photos PB. History preserved.
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    Great Photo's :thumb: :thumb:
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    More photos

    Found a couple more photos - the Rock Hill and Argyle in its later years. Argyle is on the left and Rock Hill is on the right.

    The second photo was taken earlier, before they finished paving the road to the new bridge over the tracks.

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