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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Papa Bear, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Papa Bear

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    Here are some pictures from the Pensacola model railroad show this past weekend.

    The Pensacola club's N-Scale layout featured several detailed scenes.

    1st pic: The animated log crane at the paper mill.

    2nd: The entire paper mill.

    3rd: Painting the bridge. I liked this scene. It's something that has to be done all the time, but you seldom see it modelled.

    4th: The castle. My wife fell in love with this one - until the spider came out of the tunnel on the right! :eek:

    More to come...

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  2. Papa Bear

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    The LPBs on this module were trying to bring order out of chaos! While the fire department was trying to put out the fire, somebody ran their car into a telephone pole at the lower right. :eek: These pictures really do not do justice to this scene. All the fire trucks and police cars had flashing lights; the flag sign in the middle was lighted and animated; and the building had lighted fire effects and smoke.

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  3. b28_82

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    I truely agree with the multiple emergency lights module that the Pensacola N-Trak club has. Not to mention the sound they have going with it. Perhaps i should take a video clip with my camera next weekend. hmmm. And that log crane pic doesnt do it justice either as that thing turns around slooooowwwlyy. Something different from the norm. As soon as I get my pics from yesterday uploaded i'll add to these pics.
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    Great Photo's Papa Bear :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Great pics PB! Thanx for sharing them :D
  6. Papa Bear

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    More pics...

    Thanks, Guys! :D Here's a couple from the Miracle Strip Club's layout.

    1st picture: Shaygetz's Atlantic Coast Line E-units meet a Frisco steamer. Gotta love that ACL Purple! :cool:

    2nd picture: Guess I should have been watching my speedometer instead of the trains! :oops:


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