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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Woodie, Jun 8, 2001.

  1. Woodie

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    Seeing there is no "Real Thing - Australia" forum, I suppose I'll post some pics and info in this one!


    Albury Station (New South Wales) in the light of dawn. Note the length of the platform. This was necessary, as in the days of old (well up to 1962), it was "everybody off", and cross the platform and "all aboard". Albury was the change of guage point between Victoria (broad guage) and New South Wales (standard guage).


    N460 heads the V/Line broad guage Albury/Melbourne Passenger Service as it crosses the main Sydney/Melbourne highway at Wodonga.


    3 NR Class locos (National Rail) head up a standard guage freight as it passes through Benalla (Victoria)


    The old signal box at Wodonga (Victoria) is still in use.


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  2. George

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    Albury looks like a nice place to house a train club! [​IMG] How active is the interior these days with restaurants and what not?

    Just took a gander at your layout shots. I like the equipment and it's too bad that it's not available in North America. I bought a copy of Model Rail (UK) and was proturbed [​IMG] to find that Bachmann has an entire line of UK trains that aren't available in the North American market, and a wide variety of "OO" to bOOt! Boy, that's poor marketing strategy, they could make a fortune over here with that line.

    So, back from Walkabout? How was the match? Did you have a Toohey's in the stand and think of us?

  3. Woodie

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    That is just 4 of 220 pics I took whilst away. And YAY! The Swannies 11 - 7 - 73 beat Collingwood 7 - 13 - 55! The area I travelled through is just the area and era of the prototype I am using for the layout, so I'll see if the apples look like apples when I compare the prototype to the payout (ooops layout!)

    Albury station is still just that. A station. Four passenger trains a day pass through. (two each way Sydney/Melbourne) and five a day terminate at Albury (from Melbourne). The only station they pulled apart in Australia is Adelaide, which they turned into a casino!

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  4. shamus

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    Hi Woodie,
    I like the old signal box at Wodonga, would make a very nice scratchbuilding project for your layout.

  5. Woodie

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    I have a kit of a signal box very similar which I have yet to make up. I now have more of a collection of things "to do" than "alrady done"!.

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    Hi Woodie,

    I to have been :treking : as we say here,no railways though just trying to climb a mountain, almost got to the top but my old legs gave up on me.

    just wanted to say that the signal cabin photo was a joy to my heart... my type of picture
  7. Woodie

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    That is one of the many signal boxes that dot the landscape. Some are still in use, others not. Some have been converted to romantic accomodation along disused lines. There is more where that come from! Stay tuned!


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