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    The main entrance to Albury Station. Albury is a major inland centre of pop. 55,000 on the Victorian/New South Wales border.


    General view of Albury Station and yards. Most old infrastructure still exists, even though it may not be in use. Note the old turntable.


    The Melbourne/Sydney XPT Passenger Service stops at Albury. The XPT train is powered at both ends, and is based on the Intercity 125 from the UK. Melbourne/Sydney is served by a day service and a night service daily. Travel time is 12 1/2 hours.


    NR66 heads a freight service to Melbourne on the standard guage line as it passes through Wodonga


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    Albury looks like the entrance to some kind of resort!

    The turntable shot looks like it could be almost anywhere in North America. That would be a great shot for a "Guess where this is?" contest.

    Thanks for the shots!


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