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    The Tocumwal rail bridge that spans the Murray River on the Victoria/New South Wales border.

    This brdge was built 106 years ago, and carried both road and rail traffic until about 6 years ago when a road bypass bridge was built.
    The centre lift span is hand operated and was last opened 6 years ago to celebrate the centenary. It was originally raised to allow the river steamers to pass.

    This bridge is featured on my webpage as it was in 1974 and home movie of 1970.


    The pylons are cast iron filled with concrete to 30' below the river bed and splayed 11' out to support the weight.


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    What a nice lot of pictures to gladden an old mans heart,as you know I am a "bridge freek" and that really made it race.
    Wonder if the counter weights on each colunm add up to the weight of the moving span,other wise the guy turning the handle would wind up with a heart attack (no Pun Intended) Would love to have all the Tecnical aspects ,looks like awonderful piece of Engineering Thanks
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    And beautiful photography too.
    Thanks Woodie.
  4. Woodie

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    Thanks guys,

    The pub (in previous pics) had a data sheet on the bridge and history and specs, however did not have a phtostater. I should have written it down. Thought I owuld get similar info off the net, but alas. No info. That info was just the bits I could remember.
    And Jimmy? More bridges coming up!


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