Pics of the old Lionel stuff

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  1. these are the two Locomotives

    this first is a 2-4-2

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  2. Loco #2

    This is the 2-6-4, I think its a copy of the J-series passenger engine. Similar nose anyway

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  3. Some of the rolling stock

    the total is 2 Caboose (1 red, one blue that used to carry a crane), 3 Flat cars, 1 Stock car, and 2 tankers

    the upper tanker I *think* is a pre-war car

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  4. Closeup!

    A closeup of that unusual coupler

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  5. Ray Marinaccio

    Ray Marinaccio Active Member

    Love those oldies.
    You plan to fix them up and keep them , I hope.
  6. yes
  7. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    That is a pre-WW2 coupler; not sure if any made after the war. The molding on the top is supposed to make it look like knuckle couplings when they're joined.
    It was supposed to be "automatic". I don't think it uncoupled, but I may be wrong. It should have been compatible with the "latch" coupler that preceded it.
    For some reason, Lionel made it at two heights, so that you could have the same coupling on both cars, but no hookup.
  8. Greg Elems

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    Those are a nice find. You seem to have some Pre War Lionel and Post War. The 2-6-4 and metal cars are the Pre War trains. There are two periods of Lionel production. World War Two is the dividing point. It looks to me that some of the cars were ad on pieces to small basic sets. I wouldn’t hazard a guess on value. Since you plan on keeping them, they will clean up and run well, enjoy them. They have AC motors in them. When cleaning the track, don’t use steel wool. That stuff gets up in the motor and play havoc with it. Also be careful on the choice of oil and grease. Make sure it is plastic compatible.

  9. my web research

    My web research indicates the 4-6-2 Is the metal, 1946 model of the NY Central Dreyfuss Hudson engine. It originally came with a whistle tender, but that is missing. The 2-4-2 appears to be a 1959-61 model, plastic body, and it's tender is the one I have.

    There are also a couple of the trucks from the 1958-ish Marine Corps sets
  10. pcentral

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    Hey SS,
    I can identify most of the trains in the pics and tell you this much. The trains are from several different periods, the oldest being the "prewar" steam engine. It looks like it is a 289E, made around 1935-40. The 2680 tank car is from 1938-42. The other engine looks to be part of a set from 1961, along with some of your rolling stock.They all look to be in good shape. I suggest taking the bodies off of the plastic cars and washing them in warm water with a little dish soap. Use an old toothbrush to scrub with but be careful around any lettering or decals as they may come off. I try to avoid getting soap on lettering and decals, just rinse with warm water and lightly wipe these areas. Clean the wheels with a wire brush, I use a wire wheel on a Dremel. Oil the axles with a light oil such as Labelle's and wipe down the metal frames with WD40 on a rag. Put it all back together and you should get another lifetime of play out of them. If you need replacement parts or guidance in repairing them just let me know. Also, if you could take a pic of all the trains laying on their sides I can give you an estimated date of manufacture and if you would like I will send you a private e-mail with approximate values. One last thing, can you post a pic of the military trucks. If they are what I am thinking of, those may be your gems of the group.

  11. Ok, per your request, here are the pics.

    First an overview of everything, including 2 Switches

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  12. Closeups!

    this is the 2-4-2. #244. From Ebay, I think its 1959-61

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  13. The other Engine

    This is the 2-6-4 #221. From Web research, I think this is from 1946, it might be earlier

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  14. The Power Pack

    this is a HUGE power pack, and appears to be two-in-one

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  15. Metal Cars

    These are the for-sure metal cars

    this is a PRR Caboose. Above it you can see the all-metal pre-war Tanker we've already identified

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  16. Metal Car 2

    this is a flat car, also metal

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  17. Plastic Cars

    2 Flat Cars, including one with the two USMC trucks

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  18. the only Tender

    this is the only coal tender. from Weight, I think its plastic

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  19. Bronx Zoo!

    the Stock car. Inside is a Giraffe head, it looks like it was once an operatin car, but It may be broken

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  20. Plastic Caboose

    This looks like it was once one of the popular Crane/Caboose sets, but the crane is missing

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