Pics of Garahbara IV

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Woodie, Sep 9, 2001.

  1. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    A short haul freight passes the yards at Garahbara

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  2. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    Garahbara Sheds

    Garahbara engine shed and yards.

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  3. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict


    Great Stuff Woodie!!!! :) :) :)
  4. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Excellent job Woodie!!
    Everything looks great! The rolling stock, the track, fantastic scenery!
    Keep it up! You're inspiring me to get busy on my layout!
    I hope to have some new pics in the next couple of days.
  5. Partsman

    Partsman Member

    Woodie! This is magnificent modeling. Thanks for the insights.:eek:
  6. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Brilliant photo's Woodie, keep um coming.


  7. roryglasgow

    roryglasgow Active Member

    Great photos, Woodie! I was looking at that engine shed on this post and noticed the fan above the door. That's so cool!!!

  8. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    Engine Shed


    The engine shed is actually a British kit. I just "Aussie-ised" it with appropriate colours, and the early railway architecture in Aus was similar. Shamus et el should recognise it. The kit has been around for at least 35 years. My dad made one for me as a child 35 years ago. There is also a water tower, a footbridge, a dutch windmill, platform kiosk and a few others you can still buy 35 years later! :eek:
  9. Sir_Prize

    Sir_Prize Member

    Speaking of the scenery...
    Where'd ya' get the autos? Wouldn't mind some of those myself. If I sent along some "Americak Green?" Could ya' send back some cars? Or info on where to get'em. Thanks bunchs, good ta see your health is up. :D

  10. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    The cars


    The cars are models of Australian cars typical of my prototype era. The one parked at the pub is a 1972 HQ Holden Ute. Typical of the car parked in front of country pubs (farmers). In the kanoodling carpark is a 1972 HQ Holden sedan (white sedan). Everyone had one in those days. Along with a 1962 FB Holden sedan (maroon and white) and a black 1957 Ford Customline. They are diecast steel in HO scale and retail for about $6 US each, due to limited production quantities, and of course limited demand in a small pop country such as Australia. The prototype of these cars were Australian made and designed and produced and sold nowhere else in the world. I got them from Trainworld in Melbourne when visiting there a few months ago. I cannot recall the manufacturer but I will do some research.
  11. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

  12. Sir_Prize

    Sir_Prize Member

    G'Day Mate!!
    Dunny it all!
    Their great... One major problem... Me 'N', them HO. :(
    Thanks for the link though, maybe I'll get a couple to have, maybe use as guides for some plaster make-ups to than use as a mold. Ya... That's the ticket!

    Good on ya'
  13. billk

    billk Active Member

    Hey Woody - Great pix! After (if) I ever get anything to take a picture of I guess a camera will have to come next.

    Re: the Holden cars -- I think Holden is (or was) a part of GM, is that right? If so, they could bear a family resemblance to Chevys and all and so might be passably OK on a US RR layout.

  14. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member


    Yep. Holdens are wholly owned by GM. Early designs followed US trends, but switched to european look (GM Opel) during the mid 60's then back to US look and feel for the 70's then back to GM Opel since. Holdens are a large car with 3.8 litre V6/5litre V8 engines.
    Pics of old holdens here.

    My fav holden? The EH holden built 1964. best car ever built. Would go anywhere.

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  15. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    FB Holden

    A 1962 FB Holden

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  16. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    FJ Holden

    The FJ Holden. The first holden ever built. 1948. Built by Holden Motor Company. Years before GM bought Holdens.

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  17. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Great looking autos Woodie!
    I see some similarities to U.S. cars.
    The station wagon at the beach resembles one of the last of the Studebakers, made in the early 60's. Anybody remember those? the roof over the cargo bed slid foward, to provide an open bed, like a pick-up. (and they thought SUV's were some NEW idea :D )
    That two-tone beige number (with the happy couple standing in front) definitely has a GM look to it. Are those portholes on the front fender? That was a Buick trademark for years.
    The 1948 model sort of reminds me of a 51 Chevy that my Dad had when I was a kid. Ours was a coupe though. (2-door) What's funny is, at the time that was considered a SMALL car!

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