Pics of Equity Junction, NV and area

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    Here are several pics of the Equity Junction area. It shows a debarking mill with a Heisler log train waiting and a Mike on hold. Another has a UP Big Boy waiting for a fillup at the tower. A third has a heisler log train going onto a siding while a UP PA-1 is waiting. A fourth is of an oil depot outside of town. Equity Junction is on the Nevada side of the Oregon border near the Northern California line. In the 50's and 60's this was a virtual playground for UP, SP, WP and Santa Fe while they waited to cross the Cascade/Sierra ridge to the west coast. More pics to follow later.

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  2. Ralph

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    Heislers to Big Boys to PAs, all very nice looking equipment! Nice use of the desert back drops too!
  3. Nomad

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    Very nice !

  4. ed acosta

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    Great pics!

    I've got a question about that UP Big Boy. It appears to be a Rivarossi or AHM. Whats the radius of the track its running on? My guess would be 18". Just curious because I used to run a UP Challenger on 18" radius and it ran very well, which was a surprise considering the centipede tender. Let me know.

    -Ed Acosta
  5. rhtastro

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    Hi Ed, that Big Boy is by Marklin from 3 or 4 years ago. It came in one of those starter sets with an F7, a few cars and track etc, and so the price was really good. It runs on the usual Marklin AC digital system with full sound. (all the usual lights, smoke, bells, whistles and puff, puff, puff steam sounds) It's articulated like the prototype and can go around 14 inch radius curves. It easily pulls my 25 car freight even on the inside track which is really tight. It's out of production as of this time and it's gotten so valuable that I almost hate to run it. But not quite, I still do, especially for visitors. It's my favorite. When it's sitting next to my little Heisler you get an idea how huge it really is. I've worked as a breakman and switchman around a real wood burning Heisler up at the Sumpter Valley RR in Sumpter, OR and can appreciate how huge that big boy must be. Thanks for the inquiry. Bob
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    rhtastro, VERY NICE:thumb: . i too like the backgrounds, your scenery, and ESPECIALLY your UP equipment:thumb::mrgreen: .

    one thing about your Big Boy, it makes such sharp curves because BOTH sets of drivers are articulated:winki: , The REAL Big Boy's, Challengers, Cab forwards, etc., were ONLY articulated on the FRONT set of drivers:eeki: , the drivers CLOSEST to the cab were stationary:winki: . THANK GOODNESS some model makers are making these HUGE BEASTS with BOTH sets of drivers articulated:thumb: , this enables those of us that don't have 30 radius curves to enjoy running them:winki::mrgreen: .
    :deano: -Deano
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    Hey Deano, thanks for the nice words. By the way, UP is my favorite too. In fact, they run up and down the west coast (Vancouver to LA) only 3 quarters of a mile from my house here in NorCal near the OR border. When I'm outside, I get to hear them several times an hour. There're over a ridge so I can't see em, but I often have to stop up at the crossing and get to see all those beauties as they go by. There are still quite a few SP and Santa Fe locos and sometimes a CN. The Canadians bring down a lot of lumber this way. Last year I saw a NYC loco, I couldn't believe it. It was really dirty and I just barely could read the name on it. Once in a while the Portland club sends a Challenger down the track to the Sacramento Railfair. At least I think that's what it is. That is really something to see. People line up along the track for miles to see it. I've never seen a real Big Boy but hope to some day. Bob
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    With the Conrail breakup, CSX used NYC as a reporting mark on ex-CR equipment, and NS used PRR. There are a few - a very few - cars remaining with original NYC and PRR reporting marks, but no locomotives.
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    Triplex, you could easily be right, the loco was so dirty and rusted it looked like it came out of the ocean. The color and logo looked about right however. I've also seen a couple of Conrail locos and some cars and they are pretty hard to mistake. A few others too, Southern, SP, Santa Fe, GN and WP and others. I think that UP may buy up old locos at an auction and run them until they break. I heard that UP ordered a lot of new locos last year because of the rise in rail traffic in the country. That's the future, but it will be all electric, as in Europe, not diesel electric. Thanks for the info. Bob
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    More pics of Equity Junction

    Here are some more logging pics of the Equity Junction mill area. Included is the 3 truck Heisler next to the UP Big Boy. That huge Big Boy is by Marklin and the Heisler is by Riverrossi which was converted for Marklin by adding the Marklin decoder, 5 pole motor, couplers and wheels. Plus a pic of children feeding donkeys in a corral. Our grandkids do that right here on our ranch. Bob

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    You've got Democrats on the farm?? Do they earn there keep?? sign1
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    Hey Bill, I know it's Saturday night. I'll bet that you're a Canadian from somewhere, probably from where else? Canada? Sure we always put Democrats (donkeys) in the corral around here. Keeps em out of trouble and they don't eat much. Afterall, this here NorCal is cowboy country. We put the Republicans (elephants) into the zoo down in Frisco. Me? I'm in the DTS party. That's "decline to state" or an independent, as you wish. By the way, welcome to the "Gauge". What's your interest in model trains? Z, N, HO, O, G gauge? Or whatever. North American, European, Japanese, etc ? Nice to have you here with us. This is a very helpful and informative group and has members from around the world. We all learn from each other. Cheers, Bob
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    More Equity Junction Pics

    Here is a bore through Equity Mt. Also deer playing near the tracks and a boar about to become dinner. Do deer always do that? Seems so.

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    Very Nice Man! love the BB, i will be geting Athearns new (N) BB soon (order it) :LOL:
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    Latest Equity Junction Pics

    First off is the RR office and the Silver Dollar Cafe in Eq J.:rolleyes: Then there is Wally's Hardware unloading plywood. Next is the "Green Power Co." which provides the juice for a large portion of CA, OR and NV. :mrgreen:
    Note: All building kits were purchased from Walthers. The "logs" on the log cars and at the debarking mill were made from Mimosa trimmings from my field. We call them "Silk Trees" out here on the coast. The trimmings were allowed to dry several weeks, then cut to the proper length with a box cut saw and dried further. No sealer or anything else was added and they have not changed in appearance in over 2 years. They're all "natural" and look close to the real thing. :cool:

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