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    Not those kind of pics, get your mind out of the gutter!!! This is clean family oriented train porn here!!! My honeymoon was back in February. We stopped at a total of 7 hobby shops, three train layouts and two train museums. My wife was patient up until the 7th and final hobby shop, that was the day I found out that wives know we are at the hobby shop even if they are asleep!!!! Better to learn early I guess... By the way these are all around the NWP (Go figure) and the Cal Western in California.

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  2. liven_letdie

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    How do you guys do that nifty thing where you type between pics to describe them?

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    Just type right after the [/IMG] tag for the previous picture and before the next [​IMG]
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    My ex and I were on a cruise once with her aunt and uncle to Ensenada Mexico. Colleen's aunt Shirley bet her $100 that I could find a hobby shop on the cruise. Low and behold, when the ship docked in San Diego, even though we were only given a couple of hours to go off ship, I still found a place, and picked up a copy of Model Railroader to prove it. Shirley split the hundred bucks with me and Shirley and I ended up drinking mine and hers at dinner that night sign1

    You're right though, Colleen always slept in on Saturdays and EVERY Saturday, I would get up early (I worked for the railroad at the time and couldn't sleep past 7:30 on ANY day) and I snuck out of the house and went to the local flower shop, ran by a guy and his teenaged daughter and picked Colleen up 2 dozen flowers (sometimes roses, sometimes I would pick out something different, sometimes I would leave it up to the daughter) and would shoot the breeze and drink coffee with the owner for an hour or so. But on the occasion that I'd stop by the hobby shop if I was at the flower shop late enough (hobby shop opened on Saturdays at 10), even stashing the items as soon as I walked in the door, she always somehow knew it, and *I* woke *her* up when I came into the bedroom with the flowers. Don't ask me how, they just know. Best get used to it. :D

    I recently went to a birthday party for Colleen at Shirley's (were friends again) and her, Shirley and 3 other lady friends of the family were talking about guys and Robert and I being the only 2 guys present, had to defend ourselves 5 vs. 2. That's when Colleen told Shirley "Tom thought he was slick, he'd go to the hobby shop by the train yard on his way to work, and hid the trains in the hall closet burying them with all of the other little individual boxes like they were always there". I thought "sumbi**, how did she know that?!"

    They just do.... :D
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    it doesnt help when you work at one I live with my mom and I tell her what comes in being the train guy Im the first to know I tell her oh Athearn release some new passenger cars and my mom will look at me than say "you ordered some for yourself didnt you?"
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    It's all in the training (pun intended)! My wife of 33 years as of the 15th of Dec, pretty much lets me do what I want as long as she doesn't know the price! She likes the train stuff too.

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    My wife gives me an allowence for train goodies.
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    Posting Pictures

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    So Andrew your saying to upload pics to the gallery and then use that web addy to go in and do messages with? I think get it.

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    Yes, you can use the tags with any photo you load into the gallery. In fact, there's a spot below the photo (once uploaded) that gives you the tags and the address all in one. You just copy and paste to your message. I findi it is easiest to do if you have two browser windows open (or use a tabbed browser).


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