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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by cygielski, May 3, 2005.

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    Thanks for pointing to this fabulous build (and others, very nice too)!

    On the issue of glue-soaked thread, I've been meaning to post a question on that subject. Might as well, right here and now:

    What is the best method of applying ordinary sewing silk or thread as e.g. rigging wires, and antenna wires? (I'm thinking aircraft, of course, but it is even more relevant for ships.)

    1) Apply it dry, tighten as good as it gets, and then wet it in the hope of tightening it further?

    2) Wetting before attaching it, thus getting even more tension when it dries?

    3) What will happen if you soak it in clear acrylic varnish (to smooth it) - a) when already applied; b) before applying it?

    I was hoping to save myself from setting up a rigorous experiment, instead benefiting from the experience of others...

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    Thanks for the link, very nice bit of work 8)

    For anyone who wants a good site with loads of info for this ship and others have a look at this: -


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    Re: Preparing threads for rigging


    Great links. Thanks


    For whatever it's worth, here's how I prepare thread for rigging.

    On the edge of a shelf, I stick a push pin or thumb tack and tie a string to it. At the other end of the string I hang a fishing lead sinker (3-4 onz).

    Then, I take a little white glue between my thumb and index fingers and rub it up and down the entire length of the string until it is completely covered. Let dry and apply again if you wish.

    You can substitute the white glue with CA, varnish or any other substance and see how that works for you.

    I have always used common household sewing thread and it worked fine.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.


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    Hi Leif

    They way I do it is almost the same as Chuck

    This what I have found if using cotton for rigging.

    If I do the rigging dry then use the superglue/CA the rigging will stretch and sag.

    The method I have used for this is to hang lengths of cotton from an old coat hanger over an old bowl. Add some weight to the end of the cotton to hold it tight when you let go of it.
    Get a small food bag, make a well out of it in my hand. Then place a small amount of glue in the well and run the cotton through the glue.
    Then just let it hang with the weight until its dry.

    When totaly dry run a bit of wet and dry sand paper down it to remove the hairs and shine..Its then ready for use cut to what ever length you want. Its as stiff as a plastic rod this way and the sand paper gives a glue key surface.

    Hope this helps

    Oh and make shure the food bag is NOT the type with air holes in it, could get a bit sicky otherwise :lol:

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    Re: thread for rigging


    Thanks for sharing your method. Although is very similar to mine, I had never used wet-dry sandpaper before using it and it is a great tip. Thanks again,

    Regards, Chuck
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    It has been reported by several modelers of wooden ship kits that using superglue/CA on rigging is a disaster waiting to happen. The CA causes the thread to get very brittle over time causing breakage. Something to watch out for!


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