Piaggio P.C. 7

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    After printing out my copy of Roman Vasyliev's Piaggio P.C. 7 last summer, I finally got around to building it. Definitely a different method of design than I've tried before. I'm not too happy with the way I put it together, but the final result looks good to me anyway. Dumb question for anyone who has built one of these or others of Roman's planes. Since there is only one bulkhead provided for each fuselage section joint, should I have thickened the bulkhead to the point where it was thick enough for both sections to fit over it? The other method I had in mind was to reduce the outside outline and add a thin paper strip around it. Or, add several small tabs to the surface after assembly, so the next section could fit over them. The "tiny" its were a problem for my big fat fingers, too. I'm tinking of enlarging for another try. Anyway 2 other pix besides this one in my gallery. bad build or not, it's still a beautiful aircraft!

    Scott K.

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    Looks good, Scott! Very cool subject, too!

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    Looks Very nice.

    One question: Where do you get the model?
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    Thanks. It's available from DeWayne Barnett here; http://www.teuton.org/dbarnett Very reasonable, too.

    Scott K.
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    She's a BEAUTY!
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    that is a really cool plane!

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