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Discussion in 'Software' started by ltla9000311, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Okay I'm using photoshop for my painting. The problem I'm running into is I need to resize my picture without losing resolution. Maybe this has been posted before, but I can't seem to find it. Does anybody have an answer for this problem? I just spent the better part of 2 days getting halfway done with this, and now I can't resize it to scale!wall1 I know photoshop is bitmap/layer based, and doesn't lend itself to keeping rez when resizing. Can I use a vector type program to resize it? Will a vector type program open and resize a bitmap type pic? If so, I'm not sure which programs are vector based.:confused: Any help is appreciated.
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    Never Mind

    Okay, just a little more digging, both on the forum and on my computer and I found out inkscape is what I'm looking for!:oops: I already had it downloaded and have resized my stuff! Please disregard the previous post.
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    In Photoshop go to "Image""Image Resize". I usually bump the "Resolution" to double what it is now. If 300dpi change to 600dpi and click "OK". It added additional pixels to the image. Then go to "Image""Image Resize" again and change the size to double what it originally is. If its 5 inches wide change it to 10 inches wide and change the "Resolution" back to 300dpi and click "OK". Its worked pretty well for me on most images. I've gotten 300dpi textures off the web at 2 inches wide and taken them to 10 inches wide using this method and its always worked. I have a copy of the Fractal Design Printpro plugin for Photoshop that enlarges stuff to any size and resolution you want but I rarely use it unless its for a poster printer.
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    The short and sad answer is: No! Vector-based programs cannot resize bitmaps without quality loss.
    The longer answer is: Vector-based programs, such as Inkscape, can only scale up and down without loss the vector-based objects that have been drawn with the program. Imported bitmaps, on the other hand, can be scaled too but with the same (or even worse) loss of resolution than in photoshop. However, if your original photoshop artwork consists mainly of clearly defined graphical elements (like a logo) rather than many fuzzy color transitions (like in a photograph) inkscape has a function to automatically extract a vector drawing from a bit map. This vector copy can then be scaled to your hearts content. I would however not get my hopes up too much. The automatic redraw probably needs a lot of tweaking and editing before the result is usable. Inkscape, like photoshop, is a pretty mighty application which takes a lot of practice before you feel at home using it.
    Good luck

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    Photoshop help....

    clif & bernhard, Thanks for your insights. I was able to resize my bitmap in inkscape. I did notice a slight loss of resolution though. Not enough to cause me any real unhappiness with the end result. Thank you for your replies, I guess I have another program to learn to use on top of Pep, Photoshop and CAD!:confused:

    Thanks again,


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