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    Here are some of the results of my photo shoot. There was a good stiff wind coming off the Inlet which set the model vibrating moved it farther than I wanted from the mirror. It also made my ears cold. I spent much of the time muttering about how I hate photography. I don't like adjusting things in the cold and wind. You can see the dramatic lenticular clouds in these photos, a good indicator of high winds.
    I'm setting up the models over a mirror when I shoot so that I have a real reflection of the underside. It's a subtle thing in the photos but important.
    The first photo is the montage work which is intended to make the craft look full sized the second is an unchanged photo of the set up. It's rather pretty as it is.
    I'm still figuring out how to adjust contrast, histogram, and brightness in photopaint so I did more muttering about how I hate photography. To get the craft to show up well I had to reduce the drama of the sky.

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    my jaw hasn't healed since the last time you made it hit the floor!!!
    You and your creations are so beautiful.

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