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    I guess this is a question for the moderators,I've been going back to a lot of the older posts to try and answer alot of the simpler questions that I've come up with and found many of them to have great info but alot of them have had the photos removed .Why?Since I'm still new,it makes things easier for me if I could see a picture or two.Thank you.And a Happy Easter to all.:confused:
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    I am not a mod on this forum, but I do have a suggestion and a possible explanation.

    Some of us have, in the past been forced to change photo hosting sites for various reasons. I had one site go out of business. When such a change happens, it takes some extra time and work to go back and change all the links. If, like myself, someone has a large number of links, it is also possible to miss some of them. I am sure I cannot remember where all my postings are.

    I suggest that when you encounter a missing link, look to see of the person who posted it is still active on this board. If they are, you can post a reply in the thread you are checking asking for the link to be fixed. Also, check the person's profile. It may be that he can be contacted by private message.

    What I have said above is "unofficial," but I hope it helps.

    One other thing. All image hosting services have to shut down for short periods for maintanence or upgrading. During that time a normally good link will appear broken. In that case, try again later.
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    There are a number of way that you can hav a pic appear in a post.

    One is to "include" it with your post when you click the submit button. This is done by pointing the "attach file" box (at the bottom of the text page you type your post into). You must have the pic on your own computer to do this.

    The other is to "point" your post to a pic somewhere else on the web. ie. a site with heaps of train pics. To do this, you use the "IMG" button above and put the full web address in the pop-up window.

    As you know, over time, websites come and go and get changed and added to and deleted etc.

    Should the post be "pointed" to a pic on the web, it fetches that pic each and every time you display the post. It is not stored at The Gauge with the post, but remains on the original website, and is "included" in the post, as if it were part of the post.

    Should the owner of the original website delete it, or move it, then the post on The Gauge will still try to find it, to no avail. Hence the "red "X" in the box, or a pic not found.
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    Hi belg, Peirce and Woodie have given you the correct answer.

    We have no control over images stored outside of our server and when the image is moved or deleted you get the red X. It was one of the main reasons we introduced the "image attachment " feature which guarantee's images will always be found.

    Dave Hagan

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