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    Hi, all,

    Thanks to Jim Bence, Tony Burzio, Mark Galbreath, and all
    the other San Diego Society of N Scale (SDSONS) members for hosting me and
    the Santa Fe Trainmaster to the N scale Pacific Desert Lines at the San
    Diego Model Railroad Museum ( ) on Tuesday night 1/18/05.
    Thanks, Jim and team!

    Following are 24 photos from the visit of the fantasy Santa Fe
    Trainmaster to the San Diego Model RR Museum's N scale Pacific
    Desert Lines, on Tuesday evening 1/18/05, go here to see them:

    Here are few extract shots:

    They have a well known, incredible model of the San Diego Santa Fe station:





    I humbly hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making the photos.

    Hello also to John Haverstock, visiting from Ohio, who was there
    running that night also. A 90-car CSX coal drag running in the desert
    east of San Diego.... now *that's* was something to see too!
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    Wow, great photos John. Thanks for posting them. What an amazing layout.
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    Took me back down memory lane looking at that station. Have stood inside it many times catching the train up to Fullerton (Disneyland).
    Always rode the club car up - did they ever have domes on that train......LOL
    Take Care and Keep on Track
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    great pics!
    incredible layout!
    thx for sharing, john :)
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    Yes, the photo in the referenced thread is the San Diego station. You can see that the N scale model is faithful, exact-to-scale, uncompressed replica.

    San Diego Station building notes from Salamon

    A little note about the station from David Salamon, who was a member
    there while the station was being built.

    George "Pete" Peters built that station, David lended a small hand in the roof.
    Pete had taken the center tile sections from I believe a Volmer sheet
    and used them to make a small 1.5" x 2.5" master then made rubber molds
    of it. David had 1 or 2 of the molds and every night for about a
    month mixed up some devcon 2 ton while epoxy, take about 8 hours
    to cure, the stuff was very hard on the molds, Dave thinks Pete
    ended up having to make a few more molds before they had enough
    to do the whole roof. Dave doesn't remember how many members
    were making sections but it took a while.

    After Pete got a box full of castings, he then began the
    laborous part of cutting them and attaching them to the roof.
    Pete in Dave's opinion was one of the best modeler out there,
    and when he was done you could not tell where the small casting sections were.

    Pete is a true craftsman. On the SDSONS web page under
    members photos, you can see his new Westside Lumber Co. in TTn3.5,
    that's right, using N gauge track to represent 3' narrow gauge in TT
    scale 1:120, and everything is scratchbuilt!)
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    By the way, reason the modeled station has a 'front porch covered area' and the
    photo of today's real station does not, is that portion of the building was removed
    prior to the time that the City realized what a architectural gem it had there.

    So, the model represents exactly the way the station was during the prime years of
    Santa Fe passenger train service on the San Diegans.
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    That looks Awesome. I love the desert look. :)

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