Photos of my G scale stuff!!

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by CSX, Oct 28, 2005.

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    Hey guys. Over the past month I have been collecting some G scale stuff
    for my outdoor layout. Now, they are just going to be on the shelf because
    I am doing HO instead. I am gonna share with you some nice photos though!
    Also on a side note, everything is made by Bachmann!! :D

    It's roadname
    is ET&WNC (East Tennessee & Western North Carolina), or as some call it
    Eat Taters and Wear No Clothes railroad. Locomotive #14.

    Here is another photo of the 4-6-0 locomotive. Note the details! :thumb:

    Here is an exciting photo of the locomotive. This shows a good view
    of the back-side view. You can now see the colors clearly!!! :p

    Here is my ET&WNC log car, car number 274. It is an overall
    nice car, but it falls apart easily if not handled correctly. :confused:

    Here is my Texaco tanker car. It is a very nice model and
    I do not regret at all buying this one.

    Here is my East Broad Top hopper. Car number 849.
    It is very sturdy and my longest freight car. :eek: :eek: :wave:

    Here is my D&RGW (Denver & Rio Grande West) boxcar.
    Car number 3527. It has so many details on it!!! :thumb:

    This is my Lineville River (ET&WNC) boxcar. Car
    number 4. It is plain but nicely built.

    Here is my ET&WNC coach. Car number 19. It comes
    out of the box RTR and lighted! Very cool! :D

    And the final car I own. My observation ET&WNC
    Azalea. Car number 10. Fully lighted and RTR!
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    One thing I would also like to add:
    Please do not take my photos. They are my property.
  3. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Nice stuff!

    When do we see it on the tracks?
  4. nolatron

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    Nice collection. All I have right now is a UP Dash 9 in G. We just moved into a new house in houston after relocating from New Orleans and I actually have some yard space, well more like patio garden space, now so I'm working on a small layout to run something back forth along the area.

    Looking forward to seeing those on tracks as well.
  5. CSX

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    Thanks you two for the great comments. Good luck on getting your railroad operational!

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