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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by dbrittan, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. dbrittan

    dbrittan New Member

    Hi all. I'm an occasional cardmodeler and a more-than-occasional freelance writer. I recently got an assignment from Air&Space/Smithsonian magazine to write on cardmodeling. The article will be a pictorial, showing finished aircraft and space models, as well as a sequence of photos documenting a build from start to finish.

    Thanks to a bunch of generous modelers with whom I've been in touch, I now have many good photos -- or the promise of good photos -- of finished models. What I'm still lacking is that second part of the article, the series of build photos.

    While there's no shortage of nice build photos on this site, I've had trouble finding images that meet the picky standards of Air&Space. Here's what they're looking for:

    * High resolution. 2 megapixels (approximately 1800 X 1200 pixels) as an absolute minimum, and preferably much higher.
    * Sharp focus. The model or part, not just the bottle of Elmer's Glue in the background, needs to be in focus.
    * Good lighting. We need to be able to see what we're looking at.
    * Different construction stages. At least half a dozen different stages, including the finished model.
    * Extra points for good composition -- homing in on the section of interest and using an uncluttered background -- and careful modeling.

    If you have build photos that meet most of those criteria (especially in terms of resolution) and would like me to consider them for the article, feel free to email a few samples to me at I can receive up to 10 MB per message. (By the way, the magazine will pay a few bucks for any images it publishes.)

    Thanks a million for your help.

  2. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    What's your deadline? For a couple of bucks and a Smithsonian byline, I'd be pretty much willing to do a project from start to finish. :)
  3. dbrittan

    dbrittan New Member

    Thanks, Simon. There's no firm deadline yet. My editor will set a date once we're sure that I can actually round up the necessary photos. If I come up empty-handed, I might take you up on you kind offer. Or (cough, cough) build something myself.


    Keep it short and sweet. A :33 Short Southerland that thrills the guys here will scare the bejesus out of the uninetiated. A clean FG build might lead some into the fold.
  5. lizzienewell

    lizzienewell Member

    My newyears resolution is to take pictures with higher resolution. This is good insperation for also doing good composition on documentation photos.

    I'd love to give you pictures of my builds but I'm a bit on the fringe of subject mater and working methods. I design my own science-fiction air/marine-craft as part of fiction writing. My stuff probably won't fit the parameters of the article.

  6. dbrittan

    dbrittan New Member

    Thanks, Lizzie. Yes, I've seen some of your intriguing designs. I'll let you know if the article branches out to include S/F.
  7. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Well I would offer up mine of the P-51D. But I had the camera set at the low resolution of 1136X836. But thanks, I now have my camera set back to full resolution of 5 MP.
  8. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Shoot Dave!

    That would have been a good one to show.

    I thought about suggesting Leif P-39, but the size and complexity of it might be a bit of a turn off for newbies. Allthought it was a very detailed and well photographed history of a great build!

  9. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    You might wanna try the freebie Space Shuttle from the Marscenter site and combine it with the SRBs & ET from Sir Jon's LHVCC site...

    I'm doing one here, but our camera only allows 1.(someting) megapixels, and can't do it continuously because of school work...
  10. cbg

    cbg Member


    How about a pic of Air & Space's own Me-262? I know FG has one (I've built it) and I imagine others have built the same or more complex, larger scale models of that showpiece.

    For that matter, tying-in other museum aircraft with their card model counterparts would be interesting. Goodluck.
  11. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member


    Didn't we discuss this in August?

    - Jon
  12. dbrittan

    dbrittan New Member

    Jon: Yes, same article, but in a different format, according to the wishes of the Air&Space editors. See the email I just sent you.

    Everybody: Thanks for those great suggestions.

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