Photonovel STAR WARS DARKCHILD ACT 2 "Bessie"

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by julianmaurice, Jul 14, 2009.

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    Very cool.. You added insult to injury though? Remember Jedi uh much like Vulcans repress their emotions.

    Great story and images though.. Some are a but under exposed perhaps? It could just be my monitor though.

    Keep the story rolling it's getting pretty exciting.
  3. julianmaurice

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    Er Ron, Mantori is no Jedi...but thanks for the heads up it's going to help me in my next act...

  4. clif52

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    Impressive! Most Impressive! Oh Man that was a terrible Vader impression. Looking good Jules. I like the special effects. Have you started blurring out or painting out the action figure joints? I didn't notice any joints showing in this chapter. Have you tried the motion blur in Photoshop? It might look COOL for the ships to show motion direction.
  5. julianmaurice

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    Ohh yes.. I've done the blur thing, almost all flight shots have some sort of blur, motion, gassian, radial, surface, etc etc, you name it, I've blurred it!
  6. julianmaurice

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    Great Vader Impression by the way Clif!!!
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  8. julianmaurice

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    Hadn't seen that one before, thanks for the link!

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