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    I think we need this as a catagory of discussion. I've been putting together and art show proposal for an exhibition of my models and photographs of my models. I'd like to know how others are handling how to display their models to the public.
    Maybe this would be several catagories of discussion: Photography of models, Display of models, and Solo Exhibitions of models.
    I'm working on the gallery proposal this week. I've got about 15 images in a packet along with proposal, artist resume, and image list.
    Yesterday, I learned that I can get the best images by using a tripod, turning off the flash, and using manual focus on the camera. I've got a Canon Rebel XT camera and an Epson Stylus (the best for archivability) printer
    I do need to try getting out my freestanding photography lights though and see how that works.
    I like diffuse lighting for models and sculpture since it avoids distracting shadows.
    Tonight I'm going to gallery openings to check out the gallery space that I'm making my proposal for and to rub shoulders with other artists.
    I love cardmodeling as an sculture medium. It's so cheap and easy to work with. It costs way less than bronze casting, doesn't have the electrical/gas hookup needs of welding, ceramics, or glass blowing, and best of all it doesn't have large storage requirements.
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    I concure........... the very small display I had at the library was enjoyable, but I had to wing it. It would have been nice to have a place to see other examples.


    Glad to see you posting again. Welcome back.

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    Do you have photos of how you set up the display? I'd like to see them. Also what worked well and what would you have done differently?

    Right now I'm working on the proposal for an exhibition. Did you have to go through some sort of proposal and approval process?
    I would think that a display at a public library would be simpler than a show in an art gallery, but maybe not.

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    I am unfortunately unable to get a direct link to the page I want(perhaps intentionally done by the web page designer) but at click onthe tools and tips in the title bar and there is a section on best ways to photograph models. I haven't looked much more than that but I bet there might be info on displays as well.

    In any case it's a great reference for those of us into modeling aircraft.
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    OK Lizzie........ here goes.

    Remember that this was a library display.

    I had a glass case to fill, it was about 12" deep, 3' tall, and 4' wide. With glass shelves, and sliding glass doors. Not really big and kinda hard to display in. The Librarian wanted to do it more about me, and I wanted to do it more about the hobby!

    Worked well stuff...........hmmmmmm.

    I had some models that I displayed out of the case and made them available for people to pick up and look closely at, including kids.

    I hung the large planes (It's what I like to build) from thread from the ceiling.

    I printed off some of the free Fiddler's Green models and had the workers hand them out to interested people, mostly kids.

    I also printed out Greg Leszcynski's article detailing his Halinski P-51D
    Mustang build. I posted it up and also gave out copies with the model to those who wanted.

    I also put web address to the various sites dealing with Card Modeling and also some of the sites that sell models (FG, Nobi, an others)

    I also put on display the model books I have from Poland, German, and Russia. Kinda of giving a history of how this hobby started out and the way it has grown.

    What would I do differently..............

    Put more models out for everyone to look at and pick up/play with.

    Spend more time with the layout, and figure out better ways to display the models.

    Maybe show a model in the stages of being build, and also show some of the tools of the trade.


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    Interesting thread, especially as I've been asked by the local Michael's store to create a display to see if there is enough interest locally to set up some classes in paper modelling. The point about putting something out that can be fondled is a good one, but I think I had better make it sacrificial. If it does come together, I was thinking of using FG freebies as class projects.
  7. Bowdenja

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    Don't forget that Nobi has some free models too! Ask him he had some of his "Baby" series that are free and kids really liked these. He likes to have kids get involved.

    Also look around for some models other than, planes, tanks and ships. There are some animals and stuff that girls seemed to be more attracted too. Most of the boys liked the planes, tanks, and ships........ the girls tended to drift to the fish, sea turtles, and bird models I had out for the looking.

    If I can help with anything, give me a holler.

    Oh......... and the models I had out of for the touchy feely part were ones that I didn't expect to survive, but you would have been amazed at how well even very little kids treated them. After the display was over I ended up giving about 90% of the models away. The smile on kids faces were worth all the time in building!

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    It's wonderful to give models to kids. When I put my husband's ashes in the ocean I planned to throw in all my prototype ship models. The kids though wanted to keep the models so they each ended up with as many as would fit in their hands. Then one of the kids realized he could make his own models out of business cards which he threw over. A fitting send off.

    I'm continuing onward with making the proposal for the show. This week I got together about 15 photos, my resume, and a one page pitch. I handed it around to my writers group today and got some suggestions for changes in the pitch. Some of them liked my gallery pitch better than my science-fiction novel pitch. I guess that's all part of working in multiple media.
    I kind of think of it as the same media. I make fiction and models using a computer, paper, and a printer. The models happen to have glue as well and the novel manuscripts get spell checker.
    I went to art gallery openings yesterday and chatted with another artist working in digital and paper. He's been in the medium for a long time but is unaware of the cardmodeling tradition. He does mostly satiric and mostly flat work (masks and pop-ups).
    Odd that hobbiests doen't think of the work they do as art and artists in the same medium are unaward of the hobbiests. Media such as photography and printmaking do sort of blur into cardmodeling. I think it becomes cardmodeling when you cut up the photo or print.

    Sorry to get off the subject. Thanks for sharing.

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    Sorry everybody the area of aircraft resource center I meant to send you to was the submissions section.
  10. lizzienewell

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    I found the part that you recommended without much trouble. Thanks.

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