Photo quiz: did you recognice this veteran?

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Topo, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. Topo

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    She hasn't been able to escape the graffity freaks :mad: , but she's still a nice loco :D

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  2. Topo

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    a hint...

    ...I don't think that you will find it in the L.A. Marre books :p
  3. BDC

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    That's an ALCO DL500-C a.k.a. the FDP-7.

    Here's a shot of one sans the spraypaint.

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  4. Topo

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    Wow, BDC! That was fast and pretty exact. Are you an ALCo fan? :)

    The one that you have is the other TECSA ALCo loco, the 318.009 that, as you have stated, is an DL500-C. The 316.017 is an DL500-A. When it was purchased by RENFE (National Spanish RR's) in 1956, it came with an 244-G prime mover (instead of the 251-B one of the DL500-C). In 1972, due to lack of spare parts for the 244, it had the engine changed to a newer and more powerful 251-G3. Finally, in June 1994, it was sold to TECSA, a private rail maintenance contractor. The 318.009 was also sold to TECSA three months before, in March 1994.

    The main differences (apart of prime mover) between the two "sister" locos are:
    DL500-A: double headlight (in fore and aft. cabins); no MU plugs; one step in pilot; nose class. number board cleared.
    DL500-C: single headlight (in both cabins); MU plugs; two steps in pilot

    I took the pic just yesterday, in the international RR facilities of the Spain-France border, in Irún. I imagined that Woodie or another aussie member would "get" it first, because more than 100 of these DL500's were built in Australia under license.

    I like a lot these nice locomotives. When the first one of the batch came to Spain in 1954, the railmen nicknamed it "Marilyn" due to its origin -the USA-, its peculiar "swing" when idle, and its protruding nose (but they weren't thinking about the actress nose!! :rolleyes: ;) :D :D)

    ALCo publicited these export locos as "World Locomotives" (locomotora mundial). Here is an March 1956 spanish ad:

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  5. BDC

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    Well, to be honest, I kinda cheated.:eek: I've been poking around the Spookshow website recently and he mentions the DL-500 locomotives that were imported into the US in Nscale.

    So when you showed a picture of an ALCO-looking loco in Spain, something inside my brain clicked and I remembered the review and found the picture there as well.

    I do like ALCO locomotives and I really wish that Model Power would re-work their C-420 they offer in Nscale. I also tried to get one of the LL C-424s, but they were all reserved. :mad:
  6. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    BDC the model power shell with some minor modification will fit on the Atlas B-23-7 mech. I know cause I did one and it is one more sweet runner!
  7. Topo

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    Hello, BDC and Tyson.

    I have visited the Spookshow website and I have sent him some pictures of Ibertren ALCo models. I remember my small brother having some of these ALCo models, before than Ibertren gone out of business 14 or 15 years ago. Now they are very searched by the spanish modellers, because Ibertren was/is the only spanish manufacturer that made models of these prototypes in N-scale. Bad thing that they were mediocre runners... :(

    If you want to see ALCo models around the World, visit this website:

    Here are the spanish ones, including the nice Ferrocarril del Langreo RS-3 ex-TRRA and ex-GN:

    Here are the model pics(scanned from 1983 Ibertren catalog) that I have sent to Spookshow:

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