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    I think this might have been posted before, but I'm not too sure.

    I have printed a model on photo paper, it's probably about 65# in weight. I normally print on regular 65# or 110# cardstock, but I find that I lose some of the detail when printing on regular cardstock. It seems to just become really fuzzy. So I tried the photo paper and love the fact that every detail is there. I'm using a Lexmark X5070 inkjet printer.

    The problem I'm having is when I cut the parts out, the color flakes off!wall1

    Would an application of heat to the ink right after it comes out of the printer help set the ink?

    Or is there something I could spray onto the paper to prevent it from flaking? I have some Tamiya gloss clear that I bought to spray it with, but am afraid it will ruin the print. The Tamiya paints are acrylic water based except for the spray paints. I know this because I tried to clean some of the spray type paint with water out of a brush, and just ruined my brush!

    If there is anyone who can point me in the right direction with this?
  2. Spray it with clear acrylic. I use Krylon Crystal Clear with UV, Spray all sheets prior to cutting. It will also allow you to clean off any glue you might accidentally put where you did not intend it. I do this with all phot paper builds. It is also manditory when using Redriver's Chrome paper. The coating is very sensitive to moisture of any kind. Just a little moisture on your finger will lift it right off. But you get stunning results when a metallic lok is desired. Any way I digress, just do the above and you will be quite happy with the results
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    Tim, thanks for the advice, I will give it a try!

    Another question, do you find that it will make the ink run if applied with a heavy hand, (finger)?
  4. uhhhh your kidding right?
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    Facetious, is more like it. Just was wondering whether or not the ink will run, if sprayed on too heavy. I'm not the best with a spray can! My career as a professional grafitti artist was cut short a long time ago!
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    If thats the case you might try multiple light coats, allow for drying in-between coats. I have used this method, and have never had any problems. :thumb:

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