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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by spankybird, Apr 4, 2008.

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    C&O 2.jpg
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    hello everyone---great shots everyone---here's a shot of a CNR inspection car taken in the early 90's

  5. jeffrey-wimberl

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    Check this out. I took this photo about 4:30 this morning with the train moving. I used the flash to stop the action but you can still see some of the light from the headlights shining ahead of the loco.

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    Those two black and white ones were past down to me from the family. Those we're before my pic taking days too:mrgreen: But I did take these.

    A Blue B&O and C&O on the Chessie(old PM line) at Porter Junction in Chesterton IN, probably winter 84. The semaphore was working then, but is gone now:cry:

    The C&O was my first love, especialy the 50's and 60's:thumb::thumb:

    B&O 1.jpg

    B&O 2.jpg

    C&O 3.jpg
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    Thanks Charlie:thumb::thumb:
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    Charlie,Jim: You guys Rock!:thumb: Your protopics are awesome, keep em comin...and Thanks for posting them:inw:
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    Ok Chessie, here is the last Chessie series pic I have on the computer right now.:mrgreen:I probably have many more in slides that I still have to figure out how to scan.:confused:

    This one is passing Porter Tower, just like the semaphore, it is gone now too. I remeber as a kid, the tower operator let me "throw the switch":mrgreen::mrgreen:

    Porter Tower Chessie.jpg
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    I guess I better get to scanning more picssign1sign1
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    Jim & Charlie, I think we could be good friends. The C&O was a class 1 RR that has been overlooked by every one. including model manufacturers until last few years. All I have photos of in my coputer is models. I have a few that I need to scan when I get a chance. So for now you will have to settle for model pics
    heris one I posted long ago

    oh I found an interesting one here.Look closely at the bottom of the building
    and one more
  13. chessie4155

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    Charlie: you have always had my attention, I just never spoke up:wave:
    Jim; Get busy scannin!:thumb::p
    Lester: Fine looking C&O Units:thumb:

    Overhead shot of Yard :
  14. Chessie6459

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    Great Photo's Lester & chessie4155
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    Lester and the Chessies:mrgreen: I alway check out your C&O threads. Like I said, I may do mostly western roads now, But C&O was the first:thumb::thumb:

    This one's not C&O, but is a 2-8-4, NKP 765

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    C&O steam equipment is seriously under represented.:cry: Sure, Rivarossi has a nice Allegheny, Bachmann a nice Mountain, and Proto a nice Kanawha, but where are the L2 Hudsons, F17 Pacifics, A16 Atlantics, J3a Greenbriers, and other beautiful C&O passenger power? :confused: Not to mention, a billion people make 2-8-0's but no one makes a C&O 2-8-0!
  17. CNWman

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    The only C&O engine I have is one of my favorites:

    Great shots everyone!!:thumb:
  18. lester perry

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    Charlie that is a BL2 built by GM-EMD maximum speed-65 mph
    road numbers 80-85
    wieght 219,300 lbs
    Horse Power 1500

    the one you posted is a GP30 I have that lcomotie on my layout 3001
  19. lester perry

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    oh that is an ex Conrail in the heart of C&O coal country. That yard at one time put out 28 coal trains a day. Think about it that would be 28 empties coming in also.those trains would be up to 200 cars each. My grand father was a telegraph operator on that division. Man could he tell some stories. I remember as a child my father would shut off the car when caught at crossing by coal drags. they were very slow maybe 15 mph.
  20. chessie4155

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    Charlie: Nice pics of all the GP30s:thumb: oh and it's a Pacer not a
    Lester: I have the sister to 3001 ...3002 but she is in Chessie paint..

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