Photo Etch sources, anyone?

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by swiftsword, Jul 28, 2006.

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    Hi Guys and Gals -

    I'm looking to put my next construction out with a photo-etch kit. However, the couple of places I've called so far seem to charge an arm and a leg. Can any of you recommend a photo-etch outfit that does good work at a reasonable price? - Preferably one with which you had a good experience!


  2. Richard

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    I don't know about photo-etch but recently saw that Thomas Pleiner is offering lasercut sets in cardboard. Perhaps you should contact him about this.

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  4. swiftsword

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    Excellent! Thanks, guys :)


  5. JerzyBin

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    Hi Oliver,
    I am newbe here and now reading some even older posts....
    Anyway, what happend in the end?
    How much did they charge?
    What are reasonable prices?

    I am etching things, and I find it rather time consuming process, and I believe that is the main cost factor. One needs time to create foil design with CAD for instance, and unless you simply draw one railing stanchion with 3 holes and multiply it by 100, time needed will be substantial.

    On top of it, you have chemicals and brass or copper plates themselves.
    When you add all together ....8) it will be few euro or dollars for sure.

    Etched plates for 5-10 euros are only from producers that can make sheets in 1000s, but if you ask them to make 1-5 plates... it would cost 500-700 euro to start with, and to make it worse, they will simply not do it :mad:

    Always individual / custom service will cost more than something from production line.
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  7. swiftsword

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    That's amazing - I don't know though - these kits usually get you started, and then you find you need more professional equipment to keep up with your own standards, and then you're in it for the big bucks...

    In the end, I decided on laser cut parts. There's a surprising number of laser-cut outfits around, one is just a couple of miles from here. I haven't actually had anything done yet, but I'm working on the CAD files and will let you know the result asap.


  8. JerzyBin

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    I will refresh the subject a bit :twisted:

    It has been number of months and I see that photo etching did not really pick up here. Does that mean that card modellers are not into etched parts at all?

    I know there are two different schools of card modelling... some mix paper and some prefer to stick 99.9999% to paper.

    I am only trying to get some opinion here :)

    To add the link of photo etch source I will add my site:
    I design CAD or Corel drawings and then simply etch them :)

    One of my recent work:
    I have got hand drawing and... final result:


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