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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by TrainNut, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Russ Bellinis

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    I had the same thought, Brakie, but if I remember correctly BNS is trying to move as much of the heavy repairs as possible North to Yakima Wash.
  2. TrainNut

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    That got me to thinkin' I should check out the topographical maps for this area since they are notoriously out of date and might show a little more information. Bingo... sort of. The 1:24,000 topo map has a date of 1978 and it does indeed show the roundhouse and some other structures behind it. I am assuming those are the caboose shops you were referring to. Upon looking closer at the roundhouse, it appears, at that time, to have been a four staller.
    I tried looking at the map from 1954 but it was only available at a scale of 1:250,000 and the detail simply was not there to be seen. The most interesting feature of that map, however, was the lack of highways disecting the city!

    Here's the topo map from 1978... I also just noticed that this map shows I-17 but does not show I-10 connecting. Today I-10 crosses this yard east/west about 1/3 of the way down.

  3. ezdays

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    Nice find. In 1978, I-10 hadn't made it too much past the Brenda Cutoff. That's where US60 meets it this side of Quartzite. As I recall, it was about ten years later before they finished it.

    A bit of historical trivia, that section of I-10through downtown and connecting to I-17 near the airport, was the section that completed I-10 from coast to coast, about 35 years after they started building the interstate system.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: You can't say that we Arizonans don't resist change.:p :p
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    you mean you guys could not make out that there used to be a round house there? that was the first thing i seen,,,


    1. a turntable
    2. angle of the 2 tracks .
    3. the big wedge shape of the concrete pad.

    the big white tank is in one corner of the roundhouse . the 5 white vans are along the other wall of the roundhouse, (like they was parked outside of it along the wall.
  5. TrainNut

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    I went down to the local yard again today hoping to get permission to climb into an idle engine so that I could get a cab shot for my project. Since I showed up in my shorts and sneakers, I was politely informed that I was not wearing proper attire and if I were to get injured, they would be liable. Boots and Jeans! That's fine, I can respect the rules and will comply at a later date but perhaps they would like to hold my hand as I cross the parking lot in case I trip and scrape my knee. I did however capture some more shots while I was down there (without getting injured)!





  6. jesso

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    A Dash-8 with swoosh logo! Now that is cool. The Dash-8's and gp60's have a special place in my heart. The last four axel engines of their respective makers. I am glad that the green goats and gensets are 4 axel, so they are not disappearing from the railroads. That GP38 with the swoosh looks nice, I wonder if BNSF will swoosh their GP30's as well.
  7. Triplex

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    How many H3 B40-8Ws are there now? Is that the only one?
  8. Chessie6459

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    TrainNut, you lucky dog you. LOL. Great Pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.
  9. Ralph

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    Nice shots! Wear your boots next time! :)

    Geez that caboose got tagged badly... what a mess!

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