Phabulous Phantom F4B in 1/33

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by cmdrted, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Darwin

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    Ted, the build is coming along nicely. Shrike, the idea of using toaster elements is intriguing. Keep us informed of how well it works....might be a good idea to include the rheostat in the circuit to keep from making your projects toast.:twisted:
  2. Jim Krauzlis

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    That is some superb work, Ted!

    I was wondering, if you get to the point of building that vacuform device, if you might be willing to make a small tutorial on it's construction and use to be put in the tips and techniques thread. I have watched a few modelers make these canopies and would love to learn how to make them without reinventing the wheel, so to speak...having something like that in one place, with comments added from other members on how they make their canopies, would be wonderful, I think. Just a thought....

  3. rickstef

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    Ted did have something written up, it might have been a Knowledge Base article, and it might still be somewhere in the ether.

    might do a search on it here on the site.

  4. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

  5. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Glass in place

    Jiim and Rick, I did a post on vacuforming a ways back, I do like the idea of doing one on the box itself and more importantly the frame/holding thing that holds the plastic to melt and form. Anyways, finally finished the glass pieces. They are in place, I think I did it right but GPMs cockpit parts, and the canopy parts clashed a bit on fitting to the fuselage. The rearview mirrors and some of the frames had to be HEAVILY trimmed to fit over the various panels and such. Now a break, some Earl Grey, and on to other parts of the aircraft.....

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  6. dwgannon

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    It looks fantastic.
  7. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Excellent, Ted, excellent!:)

    I found the vacuform thread, and enjoyed reading it...again...I thought it sounded familiar...tell you what, life is an adventure when you start losing your memory as you get older.:grin:

    If you decide to update the thread with more details about building Le Machine, I for one would love it.

    I just love your build!

  8. Darwin

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    Jim, look at the upside....each day you get to meet lots of new people, starting with the one you wake up next to.
  9. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    The last few days work

    Having finished the front fuselage section, I decided to do the back end next for a change. The tail section is a little strangely shaped, it has to incorporate the transition from the twin engine exhausts to a roughly rectangular end piece. It went together nicely with only a few "redo-overs" at the tail hook section. The fin went together no problems, as did the stabilators. I debated about the metallized tail sections, either making them actually metallic, by masking and spraying a light dusting of silver spray, or just relying on the metallic like paint job from the paintshop pro repaint. I chose option B this time, maybe the Airforce E model or the IAF version will get option A. That's it for tonight......

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  10. jasco

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    Your canopy looks very good- blemish and all! Once you get the frame around it, no one will ever see it. Isn't "un- holely" plastic the same as "the damned" plastic? I'm just asking...
  11. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Jasco, thanks, Well I'm not a paper purist, if a part can be made of paper and it looks as good or better than anything else, I'll use it, Including the plastic for canopies! The little progress so far, the exhaust nozzles were a bit of a puzzle, but it was finally solved. The nozzles are made up from 3 differant rings of "fingers". What I figured was to cut out and glue 26 and 26 b as shown. Thier must be a little overlap as 26 a will be glued to the outside then have the little ends folded over and into the interior of the nozzle, best to see the pics.

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  12. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Last pics of the day. the exhaust dry fitted to the aft fuselage section, getting along.....

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  13. Bowdenja

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    Ted.......... I tell you what......... this is one good looking model!:twisted:

    Thanks for sharing! You are going to make me cut up one of my books yet!:-D

  14. cmdrted

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    Late last night

    John, thanks for the encouragement. In answer to one of your earlier questions, I guess the model will be @21" long. Anyways, late last night, I was toying with the aircrafts armament. I've never been a fan of the stock weaponry given most card aircraft and decided to design my own. The GPMs Aim 7 Sparrow was rather basic and alittle short. Thier Aim 9 sidewinder didn't even make it to the build stage. After a little web surfing for details I completely designed new missiles for the Phantom. I came up with the Aim7E and Aim 9B missiles shown here. Sometimes you just have to do things yourself....The 1st pic shows the kits Sparrow and then the new missile. The other pics show the 9B Sidewinder.

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  15. Willja67

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    Very Nice! Any possibility you might put those in the parts bin?
  16. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Putting the long part together

    Well, side steps aside work finally resumed on the fuselage. I had decided to make it from both ends so that I could fit in the bulkheads to reduce that framework look that such models can get. It was working reasonably well untill it came time to join the halves. After much forcing, yelling, praying and swearing the halves finally went together. The first series of pics are the 2 halves being built from the ends. The underside shot shows the long run of fuselage parts fit together Ala "PModel" style with minimun bulkheads. It does make for a much smoother run. I'll fit the bulkheads later to gently beef up the wing mounting parts, but I may just leave them out. One pic shows the rough cut finger hole that was neccessary to move the after engine mount bulkhead to fit properly. I left the nozzles out in the pics.

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  17. cmdrted

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    More of the fuselage assembly process

    These pics and one of the last shows an ooopps to the after fuselage trying to bend paper in the wrong directions. I managed to salvage the sections but I'll just show the "good side" when she is finished. The other pic shows the fwd underside sans bulkheads.

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  18. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Our Awesome Alien Fusing Technology !

    After letting the parts dry and watching some Invader Zim on Nick cable with the kids I decided to "Fuse" the halves together. "Oh come on your just gluing the pieces" " Yes Earth specimen but behold our advanced technology", "right it's just glue". After some fiddling and bending and holding etc, They finally held in a reasonably good manner.

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  19. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    One last demonstration of our fusing technology

    The last fused fuselage pic, then a nightcap and more tommorow.....

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  20. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Remarkably contoured phor a phused phuselage!


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