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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Sticky Fingers, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Ron

    Ron Member

    A hundred bucks for a 55 page book? Thats just downright insane. I remember a little project called the e-book which kinda dwindled out and became the articles section here. I'm willing to start up again if anyone else is. There has to be enough information here to fill 5 of those books.

  2. No comments or reviews, probably because those who can afford the book use it as a doorstop while they buy plastic models they don't build :lol:

    Only 55 pages? Could be mis-labeled, it's the instruction manual from a single kit. :?: 55 pages is closer to a single chapter instead of a whole book :roll:

    1994 means it won't have much useful modern information on the most popular design method (CAD/mesh software).

    "" has it for $224.82 (no reviews there either)

    Why buy a book when there is the forum here :D
  3. GyverX

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    You know, I think the best way to present something like that would be a PDF with a couple of Free models (You know the good ones). Something like a real book contained in one file but ready to print if the user so wants it. Don’t forget that people that get this PDF can have it Printed at their local office supply store with a copy center.

    The idea of having a few models in the PDF would be a model donated by one of the many free model creators. Not the few models that would be in the book could be in different areas. What I mean is. A car, plane, ship, puzzle, Basically something for everyone from the beginner to the master looking for new tricks.

    I would be willing to team up with any of you if you would have me to create this. Be it PR or Book lay out. The thing is is that there are limitless potentials for something like this. Even present it to the scale modeler Magazines as one of those small CDs that you get with most magazines.

    An E-book idea could be the road to getting the paper model community and the hobby a bigger spot on the map. If you know what I mean

    My Email address is in my profile
  4. Gil

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    Hi All,

    Wish I had 5 copies of it now...., $100 plus...., works out to $1.82 a page which is about what a good card model costs.

    Ron I still like the article section. The problem is that it takes a lot of work to do right. Having a good digital camera is also a perequisite (as is the ability to use it). I'd like to see it restarted and invite some of the people who have already done the work to submit it in the article format. Jim's railing, Scorpio's colored glue, Tim's printing on styrene....,

    You're right about having enough to fill several volumes but more than that it will be a living index to the current state of the art of the best of the best.

    $100 bucks huh?

    Best regards, Gil
  5. 57townsman

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    Geez, a hundred bucks :shock:

    I only paid $9 for mine on eBay a few years ago. They still pop up every so often. As I recall there isn't much regarding designing but it offers a good run down on the basic techniques involved in construction. I think those that use them as doorstops should offer them up for sale here :wink:

    I'm keeping mine though.

  6. wunwinglow

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    I recently bought a copy of 'Card Modelling' by Alvar Hansen, published by Schrieber-Bogen, from . I got the English version, and it is an excellent publication, covering the history and techniques of paper model making. Definitely recommended. And definitely NOT $100.....

    Tim P
  7. Fishcarver

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    Hansen Book Available for $24.95 thru Lighthouse Model Art

    I just got my copy of Alvar Hansen's Card Modelling book (updated 2003 edition) from Lighthouse. As I am new to this world, I find this book excellent, lavishly illustrated, and not overpriced having regard to the fact that it is a specialized publication for a limited market (check out the prices of how-to woodcarving books and you will see what I mean.)

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