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  1. uglyguy9

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    Hi everyone :wave: hope you are all in good health

    the search continues.......i've googled all i can google....i've searched foreign websites that tried to give me a virus and others that redirected me to some very unusual porn sites. after an hour or two at these aforementioned sites (purely for research purposes) i just cant find it.....

    the peterbilt truck from the movie DUEL

    i guess my only option is to modify an existing model ....but none seem to come close enough for my meager talents.....
    ....any help on this one ??

    ps. i found a model of the car at paperkraft

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  2. cmags

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  3. ltla9000311

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    uglyguy9-I coulda swore that the minibox web site had one in 1/100 scale. I've looked through my files but can't find my minibox disc.:curse: If it was up there, and I do believe it was, I've got it. Give me some time and if I come up with it I'll let you know.

    Here is the link to their site in the mean time:
  4. chevygod

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    Way, way back, in Fine Scale Modeler, maybe in the first year (1983?) it was being published, someone made a nice p?????c model of the tractor and tanker. Maybe someone here has the issue, or you could ask for info at the FSM forum?

    Good luck,
  5. uglyguy9

    uglyguy9 Member

    you guys are great
    thanks a million for the tips
    be vewy vewy quiet, i'm hunting peterbilts
    cheers phil
  6. "be vewy vewy quiet, i'm hunting peterbilts"

    Are you certain that a Peterbilt's not hunting YOU? ;-)

    (Movie trivia -- the license plates on the front bumper came from the truck's previous victims. It's a serial killer on wheels...)

    Here's some reference links:

    Looks like this rendering project is stalled. Pity.

    "So if you see a rusty Peterbilt with a tankerload of fuel,
    Don't challenge it for the right-of-way, 'cause he's itchin' for a DUEL."
  7. Vandenbos

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  8. uglyguy9

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    :thumb: now there's something i can work with

    i can feel a "Duel diorama " coming on

    thanks Vandenbos
  9. uglyguy9

    uglyguy9 Member

    yes that is a shame the 3d project has stalled....i bookmarked that page just in case

    thanks David

  10. papertrain

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    Is there anyone that has the wheel base and some frame dimensions on this one. I would be a great help:thumb:
  11. uglyguy9

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  12. Zathros

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    Yes, Rondaldom made quite a nice set their. You will be pleasantly surprised. This guy has some other models you might want to check out. He puts a lot of care into his work. I look forward to your build pics, please post them?!? :)
  13. uglyguy9

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    i know!...he has some great stuff....the peterbilt is coming along great....i'll post pics tomorrow.....really enjoying building it

    i also purchased the car from the movie (duel) but it is designed in 1;50 and 1;25........the truck is 1;33. :violin1:
    i kinda figured that if i print the 1;25 @ 66% it should get me close to a 1;33 car :confused: wall1

    anyone confirm my estimates? :cry:
    thanks guys....where's sheldon when you need him sign1
    thanks again :thumb:

    ps:...the truck was only 5 bucks to purchase and the car was 3.50.....GREAT DEAL!! i highly recommend buying this and supporting the designer , Rondaldom. good work mate!!

    the model in the pic is 1:50

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  14. Zathros

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  15. uglyguy9

    uglyguy9 Member

    yes mate,
    my purchase was from emodels.....they supply a 1;25 and 1;50 car
    but i need to convert one to a 1;33 (as per truck size)
    so i am printing the 1;25 @ 66%
    this should (by my calculations) get it close to 1;33 so i can display both truck and car in a diorama
  16. Zathros

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    Great, Ronaldom has made many models free and Christ has a great site. He also protects anyone who sells their models through him. If you ever see one his models being sold or given away as a scan, it really helps the model designers let Chris know, he takes away of it right away. Christ also treats his customers really well. I am hoping he starts to carry some of these Halinski and other European models that see so impossible to get here. I can dream! :)
  17. uglyguy9

    uglyguy9 Member

    i also respect the designers integrity and will keep an eye out for any nasty pirates fence1
    yes...halinski make some great stuff and hopefully he will carry some.
    tried to leave a positive review on his site but for some reason it wouldnt let me.
    ok....i have to keep working on the duel truck....hoping to finish it this weekend.
    cheers Zathros :wave:
  18. romanmodels

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    Halinski only seem to sell from there site you email them to say what you whont and thay workout the shipping and email back whith a price and you then send the money to them via paypal with in 3 day and then it gets shipped. i have seen some on ebay but for more than halinski sell them for
  19. uglyguy9

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    i'm having megaproblems the memory stick from my camera.......most build pics were on it wall1 but after chatting with a mate he seemed to think they were recoverable with some program he has....
    ....untill then ....i snapped a few and here they are
    i'll post the progress pics as i continue :wave:

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  20. uglyguy9

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    heres some more

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