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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by nachoman, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. nachoman

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    Several have asked me to post a few overall photos of your layout, and since I finally have a little bit of time this morning, your request has been granted :mrgreen:. It's only 4x6 feet and in HOn3. The curves are sharp (14-15") and the grades are steep (5%). Somehow, i have managed to get MDC consolidations to pull 3 car trains around the figure eight pretty reliably. Some tweaking of the locomotives was required, and the trackwork had to be adjusted and readjusted to make things run as smooth as possible.


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  2. nachoman

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    The railroad is named the "Mogollon Railroad" and is based upon the Morenci Southern Railroad that ran between Morenci and Duncan Arizona between about 1900 and 1920. It is also inspired by other narrow gauge railroads of the region including the Magma Arizona, Coronado, United Verde and Pacific, and the Uintah up in Colorado and Utah.

    Most of my roling stock is kitbashed from standard gauge cars or is scratchbuilt. The trackwork is all commercially available shinohara or micro engineering track.


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  3. Nomad

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    Do you have a helix or the like in the corner? It looks like there is track on top of the mountain.

  4. nachoman

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    I've been working on this layout off and on for about 5 years. I now have more space for a larger layout, and I am afraid this one is just a bit too small. I've been developing a trackplan for a 4x8 footer that includes both standard and narrow gauge, and will hopefully solve a few problems I have with the current layout. My biggest problems with the current layout are: 1) too small and there is no sence that the railroad actually goes anywhere or does anything. 2) the curves are too sharp and the grades too steep. I have had to modify rolling stock for the sharp curves and the cowcatchers of the locos scrape on the rails because the vertical transisitons are too abrupt. 3) I want enough space so that I can store more rolling stock on the layout, and at least pretend that I am operating it realisticly. I will probably keep the old layout in the closet as it does not take up much space, and may bring it and set it up at shows if I ever get the time. When I get plans for the new layout drawn up, I will post them here to see what you all think.


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  5. nachoman

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    The track on the mountain is a 30" gauge line that feeds the ore tipple. (or will eventually) It is non-operational annd scennery only.

  6. Uintah Dave

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    Nice looking layout Kevin. You are a Uintah fan huh?

  7. nachoman

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    I did fieldwork in the Vernal UT and Craig-maybell areas of CO. It's remarkable scenery - very remote. It's a shame the Uintah tracks did not survive long enough to be a tourist railroad. It would be a wicked ride. I am pretty sure one can still drive the old grade as a forest road, though.

  8. wpyr

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    Looks good! so its a 4x6 layout and not a 4x8?
  9. nachoman

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    actually, it is a 3x6. 3x6 is doable in HOn3, and probably equivalent to a 4x8 in HO.

  10. MilesWestern

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    Excellent! I like it! Thanks for posting photos!
  11. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Thanks for doing that Kevin! Nice looking layout!
  12. YmeBP

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    Your layout looks great!!! I like the mountain pass. How did you do your mountains? I have a 4x8 i'm looking to do something similar w/ the mountains :).
  13. nkp174

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    How about some close ups of your rolling stock and motive power?

    Thanks for sharing! I think I need to upload pics of my new On3's currently a figure-U.
  14. nachoman

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    The mountains were formerly plaster over newspaper. They looked fine. but when it came time to move the layout the first time, I found they were too fragile and heavy, so I ripped them out and replaced them with foam. The only foam that is available in these parts is the white bead stuff. It works fine for scenery, just a little messier to work with.

    As for closeups of rolling stock, I'll be sure to post a few from time to time.

  15. Glen Haasdyk

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    That's great! I've thought of doing a small HOn3 layout myself but have gotten too busy with builfing the larger one. If you can build this in only 3X6 I can't wait to see what you can pull off with the extra square footage!

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