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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by gman95687, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. gman95687

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    I am working in Pepkura trying to get my 3d models to work, but each time I tell it to create developement I get a bunch of random triangles. Can someone direct me to the tutorial for pepakura? Thanks!
  2. barry

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    if you go to edit the development and select join edges then click on the main body where the red lines are you find it all miraculously flies together (well sometimes) also edit the 3d window with join adjacent faces last selection on the drop down list.

    Hope this helps
  3. wunwinglow

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    What program are you using to create your original mesh model? There should be something in the saving or exporting routine about welding the mesh as an option ( might be worded differently!) but it allows the mesh triangles to be created from common vertices, rather than a bunch of sperate triangles that happen to lay next to each other.

    Tim P
  4. gman95687

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    pepakura issues

    I am using Rhino and Pepakura. Not sure where or how to perform welding in Rhino. In Pepakura I cant find the edit the development menu and consequently the join edges option. I am able to find join adjacent edge. Help!
  5. wunwinglow

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    Oo, yet another RHINOIST!

    Two questions, 1, how are you exporting your model to pepekura? 2 how 'curvy' is the model? Organic compound curves will end up as thousands of triangles, and pepkura won't have a hope in h*ll of flattening it all out meaningfully. Can we see a pic of the sort of shapes with which you are having problems? 3rdly (OK, I can't count...) if you model appropriately, Rhino can unfold the model for you so you can export it as a vector image to Coreldraw, or a bitmap for Paintshop Pro etc. And Rhino v4 out next year, can do even more wonderous things!

    Looking forward to seeing your designs,

    Tim P
  6. gman95687

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    pepakura fun

    I tried working with a fokker triplane and even an F-4 as the models. For the Export I am not sure whether to use export selected or export with origin. I will include a link for a picture of what I am seeing in Rhino when I am working with the F-4.
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  8. gman95687

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    Rhino to Pepakura tutorial

    If any one has a basic Rhino to Pepakura tutorial can they please repost it or direct me to where to find one? The ones I found in Tutorials were missing the images and I was not able to follow along. Thanks!
  9. wunwinglow

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    1. In Rhino, make a cube. Size doesn't matter. Not for this exercise, anyway... You can do this in anny modelling software that will export a mesh file; that means ANY modelling software! Want a free one? or for two to try!

    2. Select cube, EXPORT SELECTED... as an obj, dxf or any of the formats pepekura can read. When the mesh options box appears, make sure it is set to simple controls, and slide the slider all the way to the left. This makes sure the mesh has the fewest possible triangles.

    3. Open pepekura and open the file you just exported from Rhino.

    4. Do the development thing, and check the cube opens into the correct layout, ie not 6 seperate rectangles. If it does split the sides into individual panels, we need to look at either the original model cube (it should be joined into one thing; explode it and the mesh will be created as 6 seperate meshes, and that is what pepekura will see; 6 seperate meshes.) or look at the mesh creation settings.

    That is it! I suspect if you are having problems, it will be with the way you are modelling in Rhino, not the pepekura end of the work.

    Please post a pic or file of what is going wrong; it is almost impossible to diagnose an issue otherwise!

    Tim P
  10. LeeO Leng

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    Raimund that "pferd und wagen" is just awesome, great job ! And thanks for the tutorial ... scrolled through the posts but it seems a lot of work though to get it right in Pepakura.
  11. rkelterer

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    hi leeo,

    you are right, one of the most important thing is making a test build. not everything looking good is good to build. but pepakura designer is a very easy to use tool with all the necessary functions. but the more faces there are, the more work is to be done :)

    greetings from austria
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  13. pitchbrown

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    old thread revival

    any one here know how to export from pepakura to coral draw successfully??

    I can open the .dxf in coral no problem but the model has all these extra nodes and none are connected - to fix this will take days of tedious welding and node joining??

    or alternatly is there a quick way to mend the vectors? (ive tried quick trace etc...)

    please if you know anything - any tricks, gimme a holla!

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