Penny Ekranoplans

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    These are ground effect craft I designed a long time ago. Launched off of a Yardstick, down a long hallway, they will stabilize inches above the ground, and fly ridiculously far. Don't pull too hard, or they will take right off, probably right into the only thing you don't want to break! The instructions are rudimentary, stabilize the elevator mount for durability , the "Instruction Picture is just for placement. As Ekranoplans move forward, the air pressure under the wing builds up, and the center of lift moves forward to the center of gravity, so a large tailplane is necessary as once they get over that "hump", they ride that compressed air, drag free. They are very efficient. Playing with the C.G., adding a trailing end with clear tape will yield very interesting results. The end plates on the wing are essential, so that no air from the bottom slips out. They can be enlarged, part of the experimentation process. Two different models, the instructions are the same, as is the need to beef up the elevator mount. I used 110 lb. stock. A fuselage or any design would work, if you wanted to go 3 dimensional. :)

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    going to try this one
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    great idea for a forum and beutiful glider
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    Let your mind go with this. I strongly suggest using clear tape on the trailing edge of the main wing, as that will trap more air and help hold it up. Beef up the hook that holds the rubber band with a piece of plastic, or balsa, anything that will keep the hook able to latch on the rubber bands. The Idea is to launch very flat, which is why I suggest a yard stick and 4 or 5 rubber bands tied together (big ones), then launch with ass little force as possible, slowly increasing till you get that :"magic" flight, and you see this thing and wonder how can it go so slow, and still be flying off of the ground? Then you break out the change, and start taking bets!! :)
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